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Corruption Free Society Essays

Gone are those days when people sustained in a ‘World of Equipoise and Equanimity.It becomes a matter of unsurmountability to locate an exclusive mortal who remain unexposed to the influence of the pernicious vices exhibited in the apron of society. This piece of work presents about the evil which dominates today’s world and the role of youngsters to build a principled society.

The primeval society,as assumed by us,consented the people to live for others(in the society) and by living for the cause of others,they lived for themselves.Everything was in common to them and this rendered them with all the fruits of the world,though we trace the vestiges of a feudal society. The Second World War, which,brought about an ‘upheaval of the society’,in turn,preceded the downfall of the mighty nations of the world which had previously enforced their ordinance over the petty nations.

It was a tremendous revival. And in our country too, the 347 years of ‘mortifying slavery’ under the supremacy of an exotic realm was exterminated due to the incessant rebellion of our fighters who were persuaded by Mahatma Gandhi, Bala Gangadhar Tilak, Subash Chandra Bose and many other patriots. This resulted in ‘The Independence’ of our country and also laid the foundation for a civilisation which would stand by its own interests. And Gandhi was one who dreamt of a ‘CORRUPTION FREE INDIA’. Its quite unnatural to think if Gandhi had got no notion of the cancerous disease of corruption which would become the very threat for the healthy function of the domain within decades. He gave or lived not in a ‘corruption-free India’ but an India of lesser corruption which has turned,now to be a ‘Country Pested with Corruption’.

Meanwhile, Corruption is ‘the deviation from the ideal. It involves not only bribery and embezzlement,as many of us assume but it embraces a larger ground…It is a global phenomenon and it is omnipresent.It has progressively increased and is now rampant in our society. By being able to define what something is,then we can understand how to prevent it. That is not same as suggesting that we ignore corruption. It is the opposite. Blandly labelling something as corruption is meaningless. For example, we cannot cure cancer unless we know what type of cancer it is.

“The challenge is to distinguish between Systematic and Individual Corruption, Petty and Grand Corruption, Moral and Legal Corruption, Rumours and Reality of Corruption”-Dr.Elaine Byrne. Corruption,on the contrary,is not only a matter of self-interest but it is widely schematized as one of the basic norms which make the Government proceed in its mundane course without being circumscribed as a breach.It does not affect one’s own predisposition,but it draws a larger circle involving ‘The Bourgeoise community and also inseparably The Proletariat or working class’

One cannot purely proclaim that he sustains without being afflicted by the very issue of corruption.Right from the fodder that we consume to survive,the commodities we use and every other entities get immersed in the mud of corruption and then we get ’em. Bribery is the major social evil which crushes the concept of ‘Democracy’.Our jurisdiction restricts bribery and one who gets and gives bribe are being vehemently punished. However, this practise is not yet completely subdued.

Political Corruption is another evil which inverts the fate of our lives. The only elucidation can be the awakening of today’s modern youth… The notion of a vibrant and rational youth should be considered from the birth of the individuals…The Family constitutes a ‘small institution’. It disciplines a human to be a well-mannered and virtuous citizen right from the birth. It orchestrates the amiable pecularities that would sculpture the rationality of oneself. The Family instructs the chilc to amalgamate with the social order and to overcome the discrepancies of the humans.If a lad lacks any of these demands, he’ll lack the ‘Noble Concepts’ of ‘Fraternity, Secularity, Selflessness and Love for fellow beings.

During the primordial era,adolescents were pampered and were confined to a very exiguous circle of their own family.That’s why they were least bothered about their society and their own brotherhood. But now, the predicament is undebateably incompatible.Because today’s youths are exposed to ‘Modern Evolution’ and they are prone to the occurances of today’s world.

They cannot be left unmolested by the economic phenomena. A strong foundation of education is the only mean to face the challenges that are posed. In our country the education system is very ebullient and it had reconstructed the future of our nation through shaping the modern generation into good and efficient citizens. This education renders the youth of modern era with all the intellectual necessaties of life. And it is only left to the younger generation to come out of their shells and to speak for themselves. They should not be idle and bluntminded that will conclude in the collapse of our nation.

“Today’s young minds are the makers of tomorrow’s world” They must respond to their insights and be jubilant to their own moral instincts.But ‘Rebellion’ does not yield fruits and so they should try to ‘adapt’ all phenomena with ‘unbroken self-confidence’. They also should frame their own ‘ideologies’ and get inspired of the ’eminent figureheads’ who strove for the cause of a preponderence.

For this they should not ‘protest or rebel’ to express their abhorrence and antagonisms. But they should exhibit as an ‘Epitome’ to the future generation by plucking ‘the roots of ignorance as well as corruption’ by means of ‘Ahimsa’.they should never be selfish and and should be ready to strive for their brotherhood as representatives of humanity marching to possess a corruption-free society…

“A Good Man is,he who sees God in his fellow men” Then, there would be ‘an Assured Renaissance’ which would bring about the ‘Dawn’,for which we had been tirelessly waiting for centuries…..


Corruption takes birth in a society when its citizens fail to believe that the nation is a common property of all its citizens and the generation yet to come. Every situation, where you leave truth, you are giving birth to corruption, no matter how simple or how complicated is the matter. If so, you and I would have been corrupt at least once over the time.

Consider any segment or sector of our society. Be it education, health, politics, legal, media, economical, social, business, anything. You will find the dark marks of corruption everywhere. Education has become a money making business, where it has become a right of the rich. Number of self financing institutes increase day by day. Where will the poor go? The prices of the necessary drugs have gone up and the money allotted for basic health facilities not properly utilized. The result is ill health. Where did the money go then? If you have money, you can win any election here. The influence of money and muscle power, perpetual succession, everything has influenced our democracy so much. Any criminal can win his case if he has money. People have started losing the faith in democracy. You can create news if you have money. Media has, to an extent lost its sense and has become sensational. Inflation affects only the middle class and levels that come under. Our businesses have forgotten the meaning of corporate social responsibility to an extent. These are all in fact, true condition of our society. And this is why our economy is addressed as corrupt.

Since, birth the causes for a man to become corrupt are plenty, starting from the very influence of the family and circumstances that bought him up to the enmity towards his own nation. The red- tapism and limitations of the legal framework within the country are some other major reasons that have resulted to corruption in large numbers.

The nation belongs to its youth. They are the makers of tomorrow. What they do today will reflect in the society tomorrow. To live in a society, that is corruption free, we need people with quality, of mind and thoughts. If those people come forward to build a strong nation, our dream of a corruption free society is never far away.

A country like India, where a majority of its population is the youth (more than 60%), there are a lot these huge proportion, including me could contribute to my nation. It is the same for any other country, whatever the proportion of youth is.

Corruption is one of the greatest evil that shakes the backbone of any society. More than a matter of need, corruption has become a subculture, a common practice, a necessary evil. Faced with this trouble people have grown used to it, it is part of everyday life. If this evil is eradicated from the society, the greatest threat to development is over. Youth of India can do a great deal in this matter but we must be careful so that they do not take up misguide ideals and ideas because it is going to have the opposite effect. The main problem of the youth in India is that they are not a part of the society in its full sense they come under parents, and are guided by parties, and age old ideas that has no relevance in today’s IT age.

They must fearlessly take up politics, to give new dimensions to it, give sense to it and must provide what the society really needs. Law must ensure protection and rights to its citizens who believe in it. People who believe in the purity of knowledge and the importance of education must take up the responsibility of providing knowledge to the young minds. They must be able to teach the values of life. Every profession comes with an ethics and the youth must not only be able to keep up the ethics, but also influence the society to build a life oriented towards values and ethics. They must be able to uphold and bring truth to the people through media. They must be able to apply sense and act wise. They must be courageous to stand for truth, raise their voice against injustice. The youth must strive to reach top positions who can then frame policies for the nation which would bring in development and prosperity, truth and justice, thereby a corruption free society.

The youth must be able to read the pulse of their nation. They must build a sense of patriotism towards their nation.








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