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...HISTOLOGY PURPOSE: The purpose of this exercise is to be able to identify and correctly name the major tissue types in the body, as well as identifying the subcatergories of tissue types while observing them through the microscope and diagrams, and be able to explain the location and function of the tissue types in the body. There are not any real safety concerns for this lab other than making sure correct use and care of the microscope is used. EXERCISE 1: EPITHEILIAL TISSUE Epithelial Tissue Observations Tissue Type Observations Simple Squamous Single layer of cells, flat in appearance Simple Cuboidal Cells appear to be squarelike, nuclei are in the middle of each cell, basement membrane, connective tissues Simple Columnar (stomach) Tall (like a column), elongated nuclei, there are gastric pits visible, basement membrane, microvilli, connective tissue Simple Columnar (duodenum) Columnar in appearance, microvilli are present as well as Brunner’s glands Stratified Squamous (non-keratinized) Appear to have a mix of cuboidal and columnar cells in the basal layers, with squamous cells at the top. Pseudostratified Ciliated Columnar Appears to have more than one layer of column of cells, but the cells appear to be resting on the basal lamina. Cilia are on the top of the cells. Transitional Top cells appear to be larger, round, and have 2 nuclei. Connective tissue and a basement membrane Stratified Cuboidal (online) Double layer of squarelike cells, each having...

It was a hot, 92°F summer morning. The emergency call came in at 9:45 am. A man contacted the police to report that he was worried about his next door neighbor, a woman named Anna Garcia. He informed the police that he had spoken to Anna the previous morning when he saw her walking her dog around 6:30 am. He noted that she was wearing a sweater even though they were currently experiencing a heat wave. He decided to call the police this morning becauseAnna’s dog had been barking excitedly for the last two hours (which is extremely unusual in this normally quiet suburban neighborhood). He tried to call Anna on the telephone, but no one answered. Next he tried ringing her doorbell, but there was no answer. The 911 operator notified the local police and the emergency medical technicians (). Both the police and the arrived at the scene at 9:56 am. The front door had to be broken down. Upon entering the house, they found Anna lying face down in the entry hallway. It was a comfortable 73˚F inside the house. The determined that Anna was dead. The police immediately notified your team of crime scene investigators as well as the medical examiner, both of whom were dispatched to the house. Has a crime been committed?The mystery begins! It is your job to put together as many pieces of information as you can find. (Don’t worry – the dog was taken to the home of close family friends and is doing just fine.)Line (Strip) Method is used in large, outdoor crime scenes. Members of the search team are arranged at regular intervals, usually arm’s length, and then proceed to search along straight lines. The second one is Gird method, used on large, outdoor crime scenes. Searchers follow the first line pattern and search the same manner as the line method. The next one is Zone method, used in crime scenes that are comprised of really definable zines, such as in houses or building. Teams are assigned small zones for searching. The fourth one is Spiral method is used on crime scenes with no physical barriers, such as with open water. The last one is wheel of ray method, used on small, circular crimes scenes.

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