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Rheumatology Fellowship Personal Statement Example

As people are getting older, the issue with Rheumatism becomes more common. There are now a lot of medical professionals who are eager to pursue a career in this field, but are not sure whether they can write a convincing statement to get them to a fellowship program for Rheumatism.


Rheumatology Personal Statements Made Easy

It’s not that hard to do a Rheumatology Fellowship personal statement examplesif you are a professional writer. Unfortunately, people who need the same rheumatology personal statement samplewould not have the skills needed to complete a personal statement. Sometimes, a little outside help wouldn’t hurt.

Our Personal Statement Writers

Therefore, getting help from the fantastic team of our professional personal statement writers, you can be sure of the quality and the kind of work that we provide. Below is a sample of a personal statement we wrote for a rheumatology fellowship candidate:

Rheumatology Personal Statement

Arthritis is one of the main deterrents for older adults when it comes to doing activities they are passionate about. My father, an avid basketball lover, hasn’t been able to set foot on a court in years due to his rheumatoid arthritis. When I first started my graduate research regarding the autoimmune component of arthritis, I became engrossed. Five years later, my mentor and I successfully pushed two drugs into phase two clinical trials – both targeting the NF-kB transcription pathway. As the immune system evolves tolerance towards drugs, the need for new rheumatoid arthritis treatments will become ever more necessary. My job is by no means finished, and with this prestigious Rheumatology fellowship I can continue my development of targeted immunotherapies for arthritis.

There are already a host of rheumatoid arthritis drugs on the market, but they see declining success rates because the immune system develops tolerance towards the drugs. During my graduate studies, I approached the problem through preventing immune regulation altogether. I have been developing localized anti-NF-kB injections for patients with severe rheumatoid arthritis in the hopes that this treatment will not experience tolerance-related declines. So far, I have only finished the vivo mouse models. This fellowship will allow me to further expand my research into larger mammalian models and perhaps even the successful treatment of humans.

Treating arthritis is my passion. After my post-doctorate, I plan on working in translational rheumatology and developing new drugs for the treatment and eventual prevention of arthritis. I have already seen promise in many of my experiments with lessening S100 protein dosage through soluble RAGE. Part of my postdoctoral studies will focus on optimizing sRAGE dosage to prevent cartilage degradation. I hope that this fellowship will allow me the opportunity to put all my research experience to use in order to better the field of arthritis research as a whole.

There could be your rheumatology personal statement sample! Write it with us!

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