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About A Week Ago Vine Homework Help

After School & Summer Camps, Boys & Girls Club of Chambersburg and Shippensburg, Inc.

717-261-5761 · 440 West Washington Street, Chambersburg, PA, 17201 · Map

Academic Help- tutoring, accountability, time to complete assignments, mentoring, 6-8 week summer camps.…


Ayuda Community Center - After School Program

215-329-5777 · 4400 North Marshall Street, Philadelphia, PA, 19140 · Map

Provides homework assistance, monthly field trips, arts and crafts and snacks provided. Pickups from Cayuga and Eugenio de Hostos Elementary Schools.…


Belmont Charter Schools - Out of School Time

215-823-8208 · 4030 Brown Street, Philadelphia, PA, 19104 · Map

Services include: •Daycare •After School •Athletics •Summer Camp…


Program:Belmont Charter School - Philadelphia; West Philadelphia

Agency:Belmont Charter Schools

Similar:Charter Schools…, Extended Child Care…, Homework Help Programs…, School Based Integrated Services…, Summer Camps…, Youth Enrichment Programs…

See Also:Block Parent Programs, Charter School Associations, Education, Information Lines, Personal Enrichment, School Clubs, Tutoring Services

Belmont Charter Schools - Out of School Time - Belmont Academy Charter School

215-386-5768 · 907 North 41st Street, Philadelphia, PA, 19104 · Map

Services include: •Daycare •After School •Athletics •Summer Camp…


Program:Belmont Academy Charter School

Agency:Belmont Charter Schools

Similar:Charter Schools…, Extended Child Care…, Homework Help Programs…, School Based Integrated Services…, Summer Camps…, Youth Enrichment Programs…

See Also:Block Parent Programs, Charter School Associations, Education, Information Lines, Personal Enrichment, School Clubs, Tutoring Services

Bethlehem Christian Training Center - Bethlehem Academy

610-625-3500 · 529 East Broad Street, Bethlehem, PA, 18018 · Map

A bi-lingual (Spanish/English) pre-school program for children, age 22 months to 5 years. Open 6:30am-6pm, year round. Youth after school program provides homework help, recreation and a snack and are available 3pm-5:30pm. Youth program (bible study) meets on Tuesdays, 7pm-8:30pm. …


Big Friends Little Friends

570-348-4428 · Jackson Terrace, Scranton, PA, 18509 · Map

Children of the Valley View development are provided with college mentors every Monday and Thursday during the school year to help with homework and educational activities. The after school program is overseen by a local teacher from the Scranton School…


Bloomfield-Garfield Corp. Youth Development Center

412-441-9833 · 5321 Penn Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA, 15224 · Map

Develops and administers after-school programs that help students recover lost credits, receive online tutoring and prepare for paid internships and permanent jobs. Community LEARNS provides after-school and summer educational, recreational, support, and employment services to students from University Prep at…


Care After School Program

717-238-2030 · Derry St. United Methodist Church, Harrisburg, PA, 17104 · Map

Follows Harrisburg School District Calendar. Targets high risk youngsters. Activities presently emphasizes reading and following instructions through cooking, arts & crafts and theater. Students are expected to keep daily journals and do homework daily.…


Program:Allison Hill Community Ministry

Agency:Allison Hill Community Ministry

Similar:Extended Child Care…, Faith Based Child Care Programs…, Homework Help Programs…, Subject Tutoring…, Tutoring Services…

See Also:Block Parent Programs, Educational Therapy, Family Based Services, Foster Grandparent Program, Information Lines, Remedial Education, Tutoring Registries, Tutoring Volunteer Opportunities, Youth Enrichment Programs, Youth Literacy Programs

Catholic Social Services - After School Programs

610-279-7372 · 353 E Johnson Hwy, Norristown, PA, 19401 · Map

After-school programs provide a nutritious snack, help with homework, recreational activities, and service learning opportunities.…


Program:Catholic Social Services - Montgomery; Norristown

Agency:Catholic Social Services

Similar:Extended Child Care…, Homework Help Programs…, Summer Food Service Programs…, Youth Community Service Programs…

See Also:After School Meal Programs, Block Parent Programs, Civic Groups, Corporate Volunteer Councils, Information Lines, Volunteer Development, Volunteer Opportunities, Volunteer Service Programs

Center that C.A.R.E.S.

412-621-9612 · 1843 Enoch Street, Pittsburgh, PA, 15219 · Map

Provides services and activities to children, youth, young adults, and their families through year-a-round programs that are active during both the school year and the summer months. Our staff and counselors will assist children and youth with their homework and…


English as a Second Language - Greater Hazleton Metro Ministries

570-579-4081 · Diamond United Methodist Church, Hazleton, PA, 18201 · Map

Free English classes Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday at 7pm. In addition a Homework Help class is offered to children of adults in the ESL classes. Children bring their homework and volunteers provide assistance. GHMM welcomes anyone who would like to participate…


Program:Greater Hazleton Metro Ministries

Agency:Greater Hazleton Metro Ministries

Similar:English as a Second Language…, English Language Instruction Volunteer Opportunities…, Homework Help Programs…, Tutoring Volunteer Opportunities…

See Also:Accent Reduction Classes, Adult English as a Second Language Tests, Bilingual Education, Conversation Partner Volunteer Opportunities, English as a Second Language, English Language Instruction Volunteer Opportunities, English Language Proficiency Test Preparation, Family Literacy Programs, High Interest/Low Vocabulary Collections, Information Lines, Teaching/Instruction Volunteer Opportunities, Tutoring Registries, Tutoring Services

Develop a routine

Developing a routine can help you become more effective at doing your homework. Try to do your homework at the same time each day, or at a similar time each week. Devote a certain amount of hours to a certain assignment that you have, and stick to this amount of time.

Forming a routine will help you build good habits, and it will also help you get into the  routine of reviewing the new information that you learned in your classes each day!


It is much easier to break off little pieces of your assignments and do them over time rather than cramming them in at the last minute. The same thing goes with studying; if you develop a routine, then you will end up retaining more information, whereas cramming at the last minute will make it much more difficult for you to remember anything!


Learn your own learning style

Everyone learns a little bit differently, and it’s important that you get to know yourself and your own learning style: are you a visual learner? Auditory? Kinesthetic? A mixture?


You can try finding out which type of learner you are through online quizzes, or perhaps you’ve already determined what type you are in school. You might also figure it out through trial and error—perhaps flashcards don’t help you retain important information, but writing an outline of the chapter or unit in your textbook does. Don’t be afraid to try out new methods of studying; you never know what will work for you!


Try to determine the circumstances under which you study best: in the library? At your desk? At the kitchen table? Do you work well under pressure, or do you prefer to finish your assignments well before the deadline? Do you study more effectively late at night, or early in the morning? Take note of your own tendencies, and again, don’t be afraid to experiment and try out new methods.


Understanding the best ways in which you can learn will also be a great head start for college—just remember to be patient and kind to yourself throughout this process of discovery.


Ask for help

If you’re really stuck on a certain assignment, try asking for help from someone you trust: a friend, a classmate, an older sibling, a parent…


If you’re still stuck even after receiving help from your loved ones, consider asking your teacher for help. You might even consider staying to talk to your teacher after school to make sure you really understand the assignment! After all, learning your limitations and figuring out who to turn to when you’re stuck is another really wonderful step to take before starting college!


Take breaks

It doesn’t matter who you are, no one is able to study or do homework effectively for 12 hours straight. The average human attention span is around 30 minutes, so if you feel yourself starting to get distracted, don’t hesitate to get up from your seat and take a quick break!


Try going for a jog, making yourself a healthy snack, practicing playing an instrument, sending a text to a friend—just be sure to get back to work once you’re done!


If you find that you’re going to have to work for a particularly long period of time, be sure to take breaks periodically and set up rewards for yourself. Use these rewards to motivate yourself to focus your full attention on the task at hand up until your next break. For instance, you might say to yourself, “if I study calc for 3 hours, then I can take a 30 minute break by watching an episode of my favorite tv show….” There’s nothing wrong with rewarding yourself as long as you use these breaks to keep yourself motivated and focused.



Having a lot of homework can feel difficult and overwhelming, but you can use these feelings to motivate yourself. Getting a handle on this workload will also help you prepare for college!


Overall, the more you are able to understand yourself and your study habits, the more successful you will be. Take the time to learn how to build yourself the perfect study space, how to motivate yourself, and how to work under circumstances that will allow you to be the most productive. Your bad habits can always be transformed into good habits, you just need to be willing to take that first step.


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