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Genetically Modified Food Advantages And Disadvantages Essays

  • Ugandan knuckles 5 weeks ago

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  • shayla 6 weeks ago

    it is usefull for my homework

  • Alex Heath Wilson 7 weeks ago

    I really like this =-)

  • Syd McMaster 7 weeks ago

    I loves this

  • Nithish 3 months ago

    It is useful to me in my work

  • DEDE 3 months ago


  • bob 3 months ago

    very good helped me with my work

  • Sedi 3 months ago

    Gud points but what about advantages? I need them

  • Curry God 6 months ago

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  • Srinekef 6 months ago

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  • ww 8 months ago

    So where exactly are the advantages?

  • a7hr4 12 months ago

    this is very helpful

  • talia walace 15 months ago

    real good work it really helped me with my science project

    thanks a lot for posting this

  • Djisei 23 months ago


  • Aparna Ramesh 2 years ago

    thanks for posting this article

  • Veratau. wariraki 2 years ago

    Brilliant points discussed there ;)

    Genetically modified foods may sustain food security but is it really?.When u think globally not everybody is secured with food. Even there's a great number of people feeling hungered in their own developednation yet they are called citizens ..well that's in sustained economic countries, just imagine how life is in some of the African nations.. To conclude, truly genetically modified foods do not sustain health...

  • Wale Cletus of Papua New Guinea... 2 years ago

    Genetically modified food is forcing people to die on the spot.... That's not a naturally products that will sustain our life longer... It has more bad effects of GM

  • Shruti Shah 2 years ago

    i had really given up hope of finding anything on this topic but here i am! this is SO helpful. although, you stated that it can cause cancer.i dont think that anything that may or may not be should be used for stating the disadvantages.

    regardless, this is awesome. keep it up and i'll be looking out for more of your articles :)

  • Shobhit shukla 2 years ago

    it is very helpful for my debate

  • Shashan shukla 2 years ago

    its aswome;

    very helpful for me

  • John 3 years ago

    You are using discredited information for GM foods to cause cancer. This is still unknown and no definite links have been found so stating that it 'can' is completely incorrect. You should source your material properly and read peer reviews of reports and not just blatantly believe what you read and misinform the public.

  • M.l 3 years ago

    this is all speculations and opinions. none of these tou posted has scientific concensus to suppost it. You should educate youself more.

  • Blank 3 years ago

    You do make some great points, I must admit.

    But some things just don't add up or haven't been proven, for example; that Genetically Modified Foods cause cancer. Although, it's true that the long term effects have not been tested or looked out for. The testing of GMO foods has not been done enough. You make some great points, thank you for this because it really helped with my assignment.

    Although I am still sitting on the fence about this subject.

  • caitlin 3 years ago

    great information for my spring homework . hehehe (; meow

  • caitlin 3 years ago

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  • tina 3 years ago

    great information for my holiday homework.

  • Daniel 4 years ago

    Interesting and unexpected :)

  • 4 years ago

    when did u post this info?

  • kiobby 4 years ago

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  • Risky 4 years ago

    I think we are killing our selves for money and power. This is just equal to murder but this murder is approved by the authorities of a nation. Scientist must create their own seed and not to utter the seeds nature has given. people must think positive stop being greedy.

  • teqqqie 4 years ago

    thanks for the info! I am writing a paper on GM foods; very good starting point

  • Amamini 4 years ago

    great information's for my work

    Thank you !!

  • Vijay 4 years ago

    It is very difficult to link GM foods with Cancer or any other ailments so the Bio tech companies get away promoting deadly stuff.Today these companies themselves have directly or indirectly promoted crop diseases, viruses etc. to promote their chemicals and products so much that there is no plant in the world that does not need pesticide / fertiliser if you want to tackle the hunger Government should de hoard and distribute, the simple Biblical truth is the more you give out the more will grow will it become a reality. For those who are having a pipe dream that they can live off their home grown garden soon these companies will come knocking at the door step for royalty or face lawsuit for the crops in your backyard may well have been contaminated.The only way is to clip their powers by saying no IP rights for food items.In the case of BT cotton it came in because it was not direct food crop but it has caused havoc and took the lives of poor farmers who paid for it with their lives-the harvest was poor, the resistant to other diseases were poor added to the fall in cotton prices.

  • pramodgokhale 5 years agofrom Pune( India)


    In India we grow BT cotton and fetching high price and government is promoting these seeds.There is no forum to discuss and media is hired by companies ,then whom we trust?

    GM food or similar food how to resist them. The topic is interesting. I keep on reading and tell my friends who are engaged in farming that is their livelihood.

    Thank you for the hub.

    pramod gokhale

  • Kilie Steel 5 years agofrom Iowa

    I can't wait for the day when more foods in the supermarkets are labeled as GMO or Non-GMO! Coming from a small town, our farmer's market isn't very big nor do we have much to choose from. I would love to grow my own food someday and become more independent of GMO foods and companies like Monsanto, but for now I only have a one-bedroom apartment! What a great article!

  • my name is doof and you'll do what i say 5 years ago

    ok this was pretty helpful for my project

  • KellyMediaBest 5 years agofrom Tampa, Florida

    I think if more people looking into what actually makes up the food they are eating, they would be shocked into eating more whole, clean foods. I honestly believe the reason there are so many diseases and cancer cases out there is because of the chemicals pumped into some of the most popular food products on the market. Just like people never knew about the dangers of smoking until they were demonstrated, the same can be attributed to genetically modified food.

  • Bill Miller 5 years ago

    I totally agree, we are taking y too many risks nowadays with our foods! Just go back to the good old days where they were fresh from the ground and plants!

  • Melis Ann 5 years agofrom Mom On A Health Hunt

    All excellent points. I have written many hubs on the side effects of GMOs and how to avoid them. The thing I really like to tell people is that there is a difference between natural genetic modification (the kind that mother nature decides makes sense) and the kind where humans are playing with DNA.

  • Tibetan 5 years ago

    please write more about this topic.

  • Cindy Lawson 5 years agofrom Guernsey (Channel Islands)

    Brilliant pioneerio, I actually like the new picture better anyway, far more relevant to the topic. I loved your article regardless and urge you to keep up the great writing :)

  • Abeer Gh 5 years agofrom UK

    Thanks mistyhorizon2003 for your comments. I changed the cauliflowers picture to something more related to GM. Thank you so much for taking the time and reading this post :)

  • Cindy Lawson 5 years agofrom Guernsey (Channel Islands)

    I loved the topic and what you wrote, very good and important subject, but I just suggest you might want to change the photo used for this hub. The reason I suggest this is because orange or purple cauliflowers are not normally genetically modified crops, and are frequently higher in antioxidants than normally coloured ones, (this also applies to may other unusual coloured vegetables). I would hate people to be put off from buying, eating or growing such coloured vegetables because they 'assume' the odd colour means they must be genetically modified.

    Otherwise a great informative hub article :) (spoken as a keen prizewinning vegetable grower myself).

  • RSamuel92 6 years agofrom Greece

    Awareness is the best thing we can do for now. Tweeted it to enlighten others! ^^

  • Abeer Gh 6 years agofrom UK

    Thanks a lot for for your comments and for reading this piece :). I enjoyed writing this topic as I believe the long term effects of GM are yet to be discovered, and NO; genetic engineering is NOT the answer to food starvation in developing countries, rather it is equal distirbution of resources between rich and poor countries! GM will only make rich countries grow richer and poor countries delve deeper in poverty.

  • Natasha 6 years agofrom Hawaii

    Voted up and awesome!

    Too bad we don't have to be notified when foods do use GMOs. Also awesome is that new, modified salmon that eats corn is just as good for you as feedlot beef. Hooray.

  • RSamuel92 6 years agofrom Greece

    Thank you for posting this! People have no idea what is on their plate and believe that if it is FDA approved everything is fine. While there are probably more adverse effects to GM foods, you managed to summarize the basic issues that directly affect us. No one cares about human health, as long as it is profitable big corporations and governments approve without thinking of the future results.

  • Healing Herbalist 6 years agofrom The Hamlet of Effingham

    There are so many disadvantages, how did you ever get it down to 10. This, and many other reasons is why I grow my own food...heirloom style

  • IELTS Writing Sample

    Genetically Modified Crops

    Do you like this?

    IELTS Writing Sample - Task 2Go To Sample

    Biotechnology companies all over the world are developing different types of genetically modified (GM) crops. However, not enough is known about these crops on our health and the environment. Interfering with nature in this way should be prohibited. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

    How many words? How long?

    One Possible Solution: (Nothing is perfect! Please take this as an example only!)

    This resource has been reviewed. However, there is always space for improvement. Please don't hesitate to contact us to improve the service and to help your friends improve!

    Recently, it has become an extremely controversial issue around the world that genetically modified crops have many drawbacks whose serious consequences on human health and the environment are not thoroughly understood in spite of its improvement to the increased volume of food. In this paper, I am going to analyse the advantages and disadvantages of genetically modified food.

    First and foremost, it is, perhaps, the case that genetically modified food is a good way to produce huge amount of food in a short time period and with less money.Equally important, people can cultivate this type of food in areas where it is difficult to grow because of low soil quality and lack of source of water for irrigation. It is certainly true that genetic modification is a good way to produce many types of seeds that have higher resistance to many well-known food diseases.

    In spite of these benefits, there are a significantly high number of disadvantages related to genetically modified food. Perhaps one of the most obvious points is that it is causing more diseases to human being. Moreover, the organic food has more nutritive value than genetically modified food like vitamins and minerals.It seems to be clear that the genetically modified food may contribute to the pollution and produce many types of unknown seeds.

    In conclusion, it is not doubtful that genetically modified food has both advantages and disadvantages. Some people emphasize the benefits of GM foods, while others are focused more on the negative side. To put it a different way, provided that the government address the magnitude of this massive issue and its underlying the causes, they can make a significant difference.

    This writing is found under the following category(ies):
    Agree or Disagree  

    This critique is meant for the writing from merkhan. This writing task has been reviewed and partially corrected. Please revert to the original IELTS writing before correction to understand this critique!

    You were not able to achieve the task because you didn't say where you stand whether you agree or disagree with the statement "Interfering with nature in this way should be prohibited" in the requirement.
    Vocabulary is quite good but you need to put more effort into improving it. There were many words/phrases you used incorrectly.

    Paragraphs are quite organised even though you used some contradicting ideas in improper places.

    Compare to the original writing.

    + You are adding too many stop words. Just use simple but effective sentences.
    + You are contradicting yourself: "... extremely controversial issue ... that genetically modified food has many benefit and drawback"
    > How come a controversial issue is about having both benefits and drawbacks?
    + You tried to use linking phrases such as "therefore" but it was not properly used since it doesn't make sense. "it has become an extremely controversial issue ... Therefore, for the purposes of this essay, I shall confine"
    + Incorrect "in short period"
    + incomplete phrase: "and less money". In that context, you should use "and with less money"
    + "because bad soil quality" -> "because of bad soil quality"
    + Wrong in the meaning "genetically modified food is a good way to produce many types of seeds"
    + "disadvantages" is countable -> Wrong "a great deal of disadvantages"
    + 2 errors in this phrase "it is cause many disease among the people"
    > which one is the main verb? "is" or "cause"?
    > "many diseases"
    + "What is more" is for spoken english. It's not suitable for academic writing.
    + The third paragraph was about the cons of GM food. Why did you put this sentence there "the organic food has more nutritive value"?
    + You don't have any supporting examples for this statement "genetically modified food may contribute pollution and produce many types of unknown seeds".
    + "however" was not used properly here "In conclusion, however, it is not doubtful that"

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