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Dorothy Hewett Bibliography

Dorothy Hewett was born on May 21, 1923 in Perth, Australia. She was an Australian feminist poet, novelist, and playwright. She was brought up on a sheep farm in Western Australia. In 1944 Hewett began studying English at the University of Western Australia (UWA). It was here that she joined the Communist Party in 1946. Also during her time at UWA she won a major drama competition and a national poetry competition. Hewett published her first novel, Bobbin Up, in 1959. The novel is regarded as an example of social realism. In 1967 Hewett's increasing disillusionment with Communist politics was evidenced by her collection Hidden Journey. In 1973 Hewett was awarded one of the first fellowships by the Australia Council. The organisation granted her several fellowships, and later awarded her a lifetime emeritus fellowship. During her life she wrote 15 plays, the most famous of which are: This Old Man Comes Rolling Home (1967), The Chapel Perilous (1972), and The Golden Oldies (1981). Several plays, such as The Man From Mukinupin (1979), were written in collaboration with Australian composer Jim Cotter. In 1975, she published a controversial collection of poems, Rapunzel in Suburbia. Virago Press. published the first volume of her autobiography, Wild Card, in 1990. The book dealt with her lifelong quest for sexual freedom and the negative responses she received. Two years later she published her second novel, The Toucher. In 1990 a painting of Hewett by artist Geoffrey Proud won the Archibald Prize, Australia's most prominent portrait prize. Dorothy Hewett passed away on August 25, 2002. In 2015 UWA Publishing in partnership with Copyright Agency and 720 ABC Perth, has launched a new award for an unpublished manuscript called the Dorothy Hewett Award. The award also stipulates that the manuscripts `should have a connection to Western Australia¿. The winner will receive a cash prize of $10,000 and a publishing contract with UWA Publishing.

Westerly edited by Delys Bird, Dennis Haskell and Ron Shapiro, Dept of English, The University of Western Australia, Nedlands 6907 Western Australia. - On Gig Ryan's Excavations - On Fay Zwicky's Ask Me - Drafts, Places, and Possible Meanings (Vol 41, 1996) - The Hybridising of a Poetry (Vol 43 No 2, 1998) [also in 99 Poets/1999: An International Poetics Symposium, ed Charles Bernstein, boundary 2, 16:2, 199) - A Patch of Ground (Vol 44 No 1, 1999) - John Kinsella Interviews Peter Porter (Vol 40, 1995) - John Kinsella Interviews Dorothy Hewett (Vol 41, 1996) - John Kinsella Interviews Bruce Dawe (Vol 43 No 1, 1998)

John Kinsella as Editor

Founding editor of Salt, a literary journal (1990-) Consultant editor for Westerly, a literary journal (University of Western Australia) Overseas (Cambridge) correspondent for Overland, a literary journal Editor of Stand (with Michael Hulse; UK) International editor of The Kenyon Review The Bird Catcher's Song (Salt, 1993) A Salt Reader (Salt, 1995) Australian double issue of Poetry (Chicago) with Joseph Parisi, Oct/Nov 1996 Localities: International Poetics (Kunapipi, Vol XX, No 3, 1998) May Anthology Varsity/Cherwell, Cambridge, 1999 Landbridge - anthology of contemporary Australian poetry (Facp, 1999; Arc, 1999) Prism - Australian special feature - (Canada, 2000) Special Australian Issue of Poetry Review (with Peter Forbes; UK) - April 1999; Anthology of Contemporary Innovative Poetry in English (with Rod Mengham; Arc, 2001) Special Australian Issue of The Literary Review (USA) due 2001 Catalyst - a Poetryetc Featured Poets anthology - Salt, 2000/2001

Journals and newspapers that have carried poems, essays and reviews:

Atlanta Review (USA); Artes (Stockolm); The Independent (UK); Cimarron Review (USA); Island (Australia); Poetry (USA); Times Literary Supplement (UK); Westerly (WA University, Australia); Meanjin (Melbourne University, Australia); Southerly (Sydney University, Australia); The Australian (Australia); The West Australian (Australia); Sydney Morning Herald (Australia); The Age (Australia); Adelaide Review (Australia); Paris Review (USA); Lettre International (Germany-Europe); The Iowa Review (USA); Sport (New Zealand); Imago (Queensland University of Technology, Australia) Grain (Canada); Windsor Review (Canada); Printed Matter (Japan); Siglo (Australia) (University of Tasmania, Australia); Heat (Australia) (Australia); Antipodes (USA); International Quarterly (USA); Landfall (New Zealand); Takahe (New Zealand); Scripsi (Australia); Nimrod (USA); Calapooya Collage (USA); Northern Perspective (University of NT, Australia); Poetry London Newsletter (UK); Australian Review of Books (Australia); Australian Book Review (Australia); Fragmente (UK); Verse (UK, USA); Thumbscrew (UK); Metre (Ireland); London Magazine (UK); Poetry Review (UK); Rialto (UK); The Kenyon Review (USA); Wasafiri (UK); Eureka Street (Australia); The Sunday Times (UK); The Glasgow Herald (UK) Obersver (UK) The New Yorker Triquartley (USA) Pequod (USA) Sulfur (USA); Talisman (USA); Prism (Canada); JAAM (New Zealand); London Review of Books (UK); Prop (UK); Poetry Ireland (Ireland); Jacket (Australia); Facture (USA); Fiddlehead (Canada)

Anthologies that have carried material:

marking the text: a user's guide - performance package by drew milne and john kinsella for the marking the text conference, trinity college, cambridge, 1999

Interviews with John Kinsella

Andrew Burke Interviews John Kinsella (Western Word, 1997?)

Brian Henry interviews John Kinsella (Verse, 1998)

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Michael Brennan and Tracy Ryan interview John Kinsella

Glen Phillips Interviews John Kinsella

Yves Louis interviews John Kinsella - The New England Review, 1995

Brian Henry interviews John Kinsella was in Verse, Vol 15, No3/Vol 16, No1; 1998.

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