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Jfhms Homework Assignments

J. Frank Hillyard Middle School originated from the former faculty and students of John C. Myers Middle School.  The John C. Myers School served the Broadway High School area from 1964-1998.  The first principal, James Rohrer, was succeeded by Ashby Shifflet, Jr.  O. Franklin Showalter, Jr. served as principal for sixteen years and was succeeded by Ronald L. Smith in 1988.  Frederic Babbitt was appointed principal in 1993, serving through 2004.  Marcy Williams was appointed principal in 2004, serving through 2005.  Doug Alderfer was appointed principal in 2005, serving through 2010.  Kevin Hutton was appointed principal in 2010, serving through 2012.  David Baker was appointed principal in 2012.

As plans were finalized for the construction of a new Broadway High School, the County School Board decided that the old Broadway High School would become the area's middle school.  A committee for naming the school was formed, and recommended the name of J. Frank Hillyard to the school board, which approved the name.

In the spring of 1997, a Building Transition Committee completed the initial organization of preparing for the building move.  This included the assignment of grade levels to sections of J. Frank Hillyard, and the determination of job tasks for Transition Sub-Committees.  In the fall of 1997, a School Identity Committee of teachers, students, and parents chose Hawks as the new mascot name, and green and white as the school colors.  The mascot and colors were chosen from suggestions formally provided by the Parent Advisory Team, Planning Council, and the Student Advisory Council.  The School Identity Committee also named the school entrance Hawks Hill Drive, and gave the name, Hawks Hill, to the hill upon which the school sits.

Plans for the inventory, packing, and moving of materials were finalized in the winter of 1998.  On May 20, 1998, the Reading on Parade occurred, where the John C. Myers students and teachers moved all library books from the shelves of John C. Myers to the library shelves of J. Frank Hillyard.  On June 5th and 6th, 1998, the teachers and staff completed the move of materials, supplies, and furniture to J. Frank Hillyard Middle School.

Block scheduling was introduced in the initial year of J. Frank Hillyard Middle School.  This was in conjunction with the addition of required yearlong computer courses for 7th and 8th graders, and a move to block scheduling by all county middle schools.  Redistricting further made this a year of change, increasing the student population to 780, the faculty to 63, and the total staff to 88.  On August 27, 1998, J. Frank Hillyard Middle School opened for its students.

 In January of 2006 a major addition and renovation project was started at Hillyard.  A two story wing of classrooms was added onto the west end of the building.  The entire building was updated with new windows, flooring, ceiling, paint and air conditioning.  Work on the building was conducted concurrently with classes which required much planning and flexibility on the part of all students and staff.  The project was completed in October of 2007.  

By the Fall of 2007, the student population had grown to over 840, the faculty to 70, and the total staff to 100. Since then, Hillyard has seen a decrease in enrollment as Rockingham County experienced a re-districting effort in 2008. Currently J. Frank Hillyard Middle School has an enrollment of nearly 780 students, a teaching staff of 58 and 30 support staff working in various roles. Updates to the building continue as Hillyard continues to be one of the best middle school facilities in the State.


PBIS (Effective School-wide Discipline)

The PBIS (Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports) committee has the following as its mission statement:

The school community* will be proactive in maintaining a safe and supportive environment where responsible behavior is taught, recognized and rewarded and will provide fair and consistent opportunities for students to experience behavioral and academic success.

*The school community includes the following stakeholders: students, parents and primary caregivers, faculty and staff, administration, business partners, central office staff, and outside agency affiliates

2016-2017 SOAR Program Administration Contacts

                         6th – David Baker

                         7th – Brett Martin

                         8th –  Betty Emswiler

             2016-2017 PBIS Team Members

            6th: Terri Phillips/Anita Hertzler

            7th: Kajsa Svarfvar/ Tammy Cullers
        8th: Clay Gordon/Stephanie Cantrell

            PE / Related Arts: Laci Tieszen/Nory Fletcher

                ADMIN:  Brett Martin

SOAR (Student Observation and Recording)

Purpose of the SOAR Program            
    The Hawks SOAR Program is a system designed to help each instructional team assist students by identifying the area (or areas) in which a student is not experiencing success within the school.  Staff members may report a Fowl concerning any student that fails to comply with school, team, or classroom guidelines. Each Fowl is documented electronically by the staff member that reports it.  By reviewing these Fowls each instructional team is made aware of each student’s individual needs.  After a certain number of Fowls have been reported the instructional team intervenes in an attempt to help the student in whatever area or areas in which he or she is having difficulty.  These interventions include a range of consequences designed to influence the student’s behavior in a positive manner.

    Typical expectations for student compliance include coming to class on time, being prepared for class, and conducting oneself in a manner befitting a member of the school community.  Teachers strive to notify students that receive Fowls as soon as possible after the report has been made.  These notifications are extended as a courtesy to help students identify, for themselves, any particular behavior or behaviors that may need to be improved or modified.  In an effort to foster stronger ties between students and their parents or guardians teachers will attempt to make contact with them when an intervention is warranted.  However, it is expected under certain circumstances the administration will be responsible for contacting home.  

What a Fowl is Not                
    A Fowl is not an instrument of punishment designed to force a student to comply.  Fowls are a way of tracking those areas in which a student is having difficulty so that instructional teams may intervene when it becomes evident that the student requires assistance.  
    -The accumulation of Fowls by a student results in a team intervention intended to re-direct that student’s behavior.
    -Each number of Fowls received by a student has a corresponding intervention on the part of the     team.  For instance, the first and second Fowl received by a student results in a written notification that a correction in that student’s behavior is desired.  If the behavior continues a proscribed set of consequences will be employed designed to emphasize the team’s resolve to have the behavior altered.  The SOAR Program incorporates a graduated system of consequences to influence student behavior in a way that leads to success within the school environment.
    -If unwanted behaviors continue direct intervention by the team is warranted.  This type of intervention involves a conference between the student and the instructional team to discuss and identify strategies that may facilitate positive changes in that student’s conduct.  The instructional     team may seek other interventions that include the participation of parents, administrators, and/or guidance personnel to identify strategies designed to aid the student correct unproductive behaviors.  

Hawks SOAR Program

Schedule of Consequences and Interventions

* 1stFowl –     Warning and Conference with the Teacher
* 2ndFowl –     Pride Period Teacher Attempt to Contact Parent/Guardian
* 3rdFowl –     Silent Lunch
* 4thFowl –     Team Referral to Administration for 1 Day of BIP    
* 5thFowl –     Referral to Administration and Assignment of 10 Days of Poor School Standing + 2 Days of ASD
* 6thFowl –     Team Referral to Administration for 2 Days of BIP
* 7thFowl and above - Administration


** All Fowls dropped at end of 4 ½ weeks coinciding with the distribution of Progress Reports – students begin with a clean slate every 4 ½ weeks

CREST (Character Recognition Encouraging School Wide Teamwork)

Purpose of the CREST Program
The purpose of the CREST Program is to recognize and promote positive behaviors by students within the school community.  The CREST Program seeks to reinforce these behaviors through a concrete and tangible reward system.  CREST stands for “Character Recognition Encouraging School wide Teamwork”.    

What is a Talon?

The CREST Program utilizes a monetary unit known as a “Talon” whose accumulation by the student results in an incentive for continued good conduct.  Talons are issued to students when they are observed performing a desired behavior.  The accumulation of Talons results in the students’ ability to purchase certain items, privileges, or attendance at events.  One particular item of note is that Talons are meant more for instances of good conduct or desired behavior as opposed to consistently noted instances.  The CREST Program contains a specific reward for those behaviors that have been consistent over time.

What is the Talon Menu?
The Talon Menu is a list of items and privileges that can be purchased by students using the Talons that they have accumulated.  A link of the Talon Menu is included at the end of this section This Talon Menu details the item or privilege and the amount of Talons it costs.  (Place Link for Talon Menu here)

What is the Talon Store?             
    The Talon Store provides an opportunity for students to purchase items with their Talons.      
The Talon Store is open during the Talon days Events and will be open on reward days. Students will each have a chance to travel to the Talon Store and spend as many Talons as they have available granted that their Homeroom teacher has first issued a pass to that student indicating the amount of Talons they currently have in their account.

What is a Reward Day?                 
    At the end of the first three Quarters each instructional team plans a Reward Day.  Eligible students are invited to participate in an activity or activities designed to reinforce positive behaviors exhibited throughout the Quarter.
Reward days are scheduled on the following dates: 10/28/16, 1/20/17 and 3/31/17 (Talent Show)

Which Students are Ineligible for Reward Day?     

    Any student that is currently on Poor School Standing or has received four or more Fowls during the second half of the Quarter is ineligible for Reward Day.  It is important to note that those students that are not invited to the Reward Day are not being punished, but simply engage in normal everyday academic activities during the Reward Day time.

What is a Positive Referral?
    When a student has performed consistently positive behavior that merits exceptional recognition a Positive Referral may be written for that student.  This Positive Referral is an office referral where a student is sent to the office in order to recognize good behavior as opposed to some misbehavior or rule infraction. The student will be called down by the office once the Positive Referral has been received so that the administration may go over with the student their positive behavior and reward them.  Any teacher or administrator may issue a Positive Referral for a student.

What is an Academic Positive Ticket?

    An Academic Positive Ticket is very similar to a Positive Referral in that it recognizes consistently positive academic behavior.  An Academic Positive Ticket may also be given out if improvement has been noted and that improvement has continued for a period of time.  Sole instances of going from a low grade to a high one do not necessarily meet the requirements of an Academic Positive Ticket, but keeping a grade up for some time after it has been down would. The student will then need to drop this ticket off either with a team box that has been designated or they may drop it off in the main office.  Receiving an Academic Positive Ticket is tantamount to receiving a Positive Referral as those students have had a Positive Academic Ticket filled out by a teacher will be entered to win at the end of the year assembly a special prize. Any and all teachers may fill out an Academic Positive Ticket as well as administrators.  The key notion to this reward is that a student has exhibited consistent and constant good academic behavior.  Core/Remediation teachers who do not directly teach a student may fill out an Academic Positive Ticket at the end of a Quarter when report cards come out if they wish.

CREST after school events
    A CREST after school event is a chance for students to stay here at school after the normal school day and participate in a variety of different activities.  Students spend their Talons to purchase a ticket to the event and can also spend Talons or money to purchase snacks.  The activities available during the CREST after school event are usually open gym, a movie and the computer lab. These event begin right after school and end promptly at 5:00pm.  All rides must be here at 5 pm.
Crest After School events have been scheduled for 9/21, 11/29, 2/15.

TALONS will be awarded:
                If a student received 0 Fowls for the mid-term or Quarter: 40 Talons

                If a student received 1 Fowls for the mid-term or Quarter: 30 Talons
TALONS will also be rewarded by teachers, as they find it suitable to award students for positive actions that support the behavior matrix.

TALONS can be used for Talon Store Purchase, Talon Menu Purchases, CREST event entrance and snacks, Home Sporting event tickets, Individual Teacher Talon Stores.

HAWKS CHALLENGE happens daily/weekly during Hawks on air (morning announcements). The three grade levels will be competing against each other for the honor of winning the “Hillyard Spirit Stick” at the end of the 9 weeks during the Reward day Pep-rally/Positive Referrals assembly.  Students and teachers will be participating in a variety of competitive, fun games as well as work on earning points for academic excellence (A/B honor roll, attendance, missing library books etc.) Students from the winning grade level will also have an opportunity to have their picture taken with the Hillyard Hawk and the spirit stick. Some of these pictures will be featured in the yearbook.

REWARD DAYS take place after the 1st, 2nd and 3rd quarter. Dates and rotations for 2016/17 are as follows:
  • October 28, 2016 (Odd - Report Cards will go home this day)
    • 6th Grade - Gym/Outside
    • 7th Grade - Computer Labs and Cafeteria
    • 8th Grade - Auditorium
  • January 20, 2017 (Even - Report cards will go home this day)
    • 6ht Grade - Computer Labs and Cafeteria
    • 7th Grade - Auditorium
    • 8th Grade - Gym/Outside
  • March 31, 2017 (Talent Show) - (Odd - Report cards will go home this day)
    • 6th Grade - Auditorium
    • 7th Grade - Gyms/Outside
    • 8th Grade - Computer Labs and Cafeteria
  • Reward Days will conclude with a Pep Rally in the large gym (very similar to last year) and then students will report back to PRIDE teacher to get report cards.

The last 30 minutes of each reward day will be a pep-rally/positive referrals assembly where the Hawks Challenge winning grade level will be announced.

CREST EVENTS take place three times per year.  Dates for 2016/17 are as follows 9/21, 11/29, 2/15.  Students may choose to stay after school to participate in open gym, computer lab or to watch a movie.  Snacks will be available.

POSITIVE REFERRALS will be awarded to students that make good choices on a consistent basis supporting  the behavior matrix.

ACADEMIC TICKETSwill be awarded to students that show academic  improvement and that show consistent academic excellence.

              All POSITIVE REFERRALS and ACADEMIC TICKETS will earn students an entry into the Positive referrals drawing that takes place at the end of the school year.

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