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A Gift Shop Essay Examples

Choosing the right gift for your loved one can be difficult, particularly when you're shopping for somebody who seems to have absolutely everything already! The last thing you probably want to do is spend money on a gift that's going to sit on a shelf, unused, or a trinket your loved one will look at once in a while but which otherwise serves no purpose.

Does anything hurt more than knowing that a gift you chose to give someone isn't what your recipient wanted? This can be particularly tough. So if you're looking or something special and not only unique but one of a kind, then you might want to think about giving a handmade gift instead of purchasing something from the store.

Please note that making your gifts at home doesn't mean that they will cost less than what you can purchase from the store. Particularly in the case of fiber crafts (knitting and crocheting), it may indeed cost you more to purchase materials than to purchase a completed item at the store.

The purpose in giving handmade gifts is to give something that is personal and individual to the person receiving the gift. You might not save money, but you give a particularly meaningful gift.

Exit Through the Gift Shop
“Exit Through the Gift Shop” is a documentary by Thierry Guetta that initially is supposed to be about the renowned street artist Banksy, but actually has been completely turned around by Banksy into a film about Thierry. Thierry is an extremely peculiar French “filmmaker. “ Thierry has an obscene obsession with recording everything he does and through a very lucky series of events, ends up right in the middle of the emerging world of street art. He constantly follows his cousin, who is famous street artist Space Invader,” and immerses himself more and more into the culture and artists surrounding street art. After some time, Thierry gets another very lucky break. He is set up with possibly the greatest street artist if the time, Banksy. Through their newfound friendship, Thierry creates his own street art alter ego “Mister Brainwash” aka “MBW” and goes on to create his own art exhibition in which he fills an entire warehouse his collection of art. Thierry’s works are hailed as ingenious and left collectors standing in line ready to pay top dollar for his work.
The story structure and progression of “Exit Through the Gift Shop” was genius. The story starts out from the view of Thierry Guetta. Thierry takes an observational approach to his filming, standing back watching the street artists he follows put up posters, stickers, and paintings. He does this for many months before deciding that he wants to follow around Banksy which he ends up doing. Still, up to this point, the footage being used was that that had been filmed through the lens of Thierry’s camera, leading us to believe that this film was really a documentary about purely street art and artists. Then, there is a distinct turning point. This comes when Thierry decides to actually make a film with all of his footage. The film is terrible and Banksy does not approve, so he tells Thierry to go create some art of his own while he works on the film himself. It is at this point...

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