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Good Case Study Video Clips

Riddle me this: Why do people buy quarter-inch drill bits?

While there are a million possible answers to this question, Leo McGinneva offers perhaps the most interesting explanation.

"They don’t want quarter-inch bits. They want quarter-inch holes," he explains.

This notion suggests that as consumers, we aren't after all the bells and whistles as much as the solutions they provide. In other words, we don't want to know what brands are selling, we want to know what's in it for us.

Not only has this mentality lead to the demise of traditional marketing efforts, but it's also set the stage for more human interactions between brands and consumers. Interactions that don't feel like marketing.

And what better medium to propel this new wave of humanized marketing than video? It’s one of the most effective mediums for marketers. Seventy-three percent of respondents in a 2015 Web Video Marketing Council study indicated that video had a positive impact on their marketing results.

To help inspire your own video marketing efforts, we've rounded up 12 lovable video marketing campaigns. So go ahead, grab some popcorn. These examples will be waiting here when you get back.

12 Marketing Video Campaigns You'll Actually Enjoy

1) Google Android: "Friends Furever"

Android's "Friends Furever" video is simple, cute, totally curated -- and was the most-shared video ad of 2015.

While the curation probably took a while, there wasn't much original content creation going on here -- it's really just a series of clips of unlikely animals palling around together. I mean, who doesn't want to see a parrot feeding spaghetti to a husky? Or a monkey climbing onto (and promptly falling off of) a horse's back? And yet, the video was shared more than 6.4 million times,according to video ad tech company Unruly.

The Takeaway

Even the simplest of videos can be super shareable with the right subject matter. In this case, that subject matter is animals, which the folks at Android used to focus on shared experiences. By tapping into viewers' emotions, the video has built-in broad appeal and sharability.

2) Reebok: "25,915 Days"

The average human lives for 25,915 days -- and Reebok wants us to use those days to continuously honor and push our bodies to their physical limits. Their video promoting the #HonorYourDays campaign doesn't contain any spoken words, but the message is powerful: Make the most of the days you have by, as they put it, "honoring the body you've been given."

The video follows one woman's relationship with running in reverse, from her running the Reebok-sponsored Spartan Race as a middle-aged woman, to running track in high school, all the way back to the day she was born. It's a great way for Reebok to communicate their brand mission of changing how people perceive and experience fitness at every age -- and of letting customers know they'll be there to cover their athletic gear needs throughout their lives.

At the end of the video, there's even a clickable CTA that reads, "Calculate your days."

Although it might strike some as a bid morbid, the copy is in keeping with the brand's "tough fitness" theme. Click the CTA, and you'll get taken to a campaign website where people can share photos showing how they're honoring their bodies, along with their "number." Pretty cool.

The Takeaway

Putting a sense of urgency (limited time) behind your message can be a powerful psychological motivator (take action now so you don't miss out). This makes your message not only compelling, but also actionable.

3) Dove: "Choose Beautiful"

Dove does it again. While this video marketing campaign by Ogilvy & Mather Chicago received some mixed reviews when it was first released, there is no denying that Dove is adept at crafting stories and encouraging their community to participate in those stories.

By focusing less on their product and more on their mission, Dove has been successful in creating emotional viral videos that have helped them stay top-of-mind.

The Takeaway

Think about tying your marketing to a larger mission to cultivate a loyal following. According to research conducted by Scott Magids, Alan Zorfas, and Daniel Leemon, customers who are "fully connected" emotionally to a brandspend twice as much on average than customers categorized as "highly satisfied." Take advantage of this by committing to emotionally-charged marketing that makes customers feel recognized and important.

4) Facebook: "Tips" Series

In this video marketing series, Facebook presents 12 different functions of the platform as they relate to real-life user scenarios, such as the need to turn notifications off, add a friend to a group, unfollow your oversharing friend, or use a sticker to express feelings that don't quite translate into words (explained in the video above).

While the tutorials are tied directly to Facebook's product, they're not pitchy. Instead, they aim to provide answers to users’ most common questions in an entertaining and lighthearted way. It doesn't hurt that they're also simple to follow and clock in at only 20 seconds long.

The Takeaway

Understand your audience's needs better than anyone else, and play to them in your videos. In addition, don't mistake "longer" for "better" -- if your message can be expressed in just a few seconds, don't drag out the length of your video unnecessarily.

5) Intel: "Meet the Makers" Series

Intel's five-part "Meet the Makers" series looks more like the inspirational, uplifting stories you see on the news rather than videos created by a brand. Each video profiles a person around the world who uses Intel products to create amazing experiences and new technology.

In this video, for example, a 13-year-old named Shubham Banerjee tells the story of how he used Intel's technology to prototype and build an affordable braille printer to help more people who are blind read.

The common denominator? The folks in these videos use technology to help people and make the world a better and more interesting place. By providing viewers with an inspirational look at how technology is changing our experiences, they were able to drum up interest in a way that a traditional, product-centric advertisement couldn't.

The Takeaway

Think in terms of macro and micro in your video marketing. Evaluate the macro effect that your product or service is having on your industry or the world as a whole, and then hone in on someone's micro experience to deliver a relatable and compelling story.

6) Artifact Uprising: "On Legacy"

Artifact Uprising is a company that helps you create custom photo books, albums, cards, and print photos. As you can imagine, there's a lot of special meaning and emotion connected to each book -- and that kind of emotion is hard to capture with just words.

That's exactly why Artifact Uprising creates videos like this one: to showcase some of those touching, individual stories. In this case, it's an elderly man who created a photo book to leave his children and grandchildren as part of his legacy. At one point, the man is moved to tears as he reads the book, saying, "I haven't read it [in] a while."

The Takeaway

Find out how people are using your product or service to better their lives, and share their inspiring stories with the world through video. They'll do a much better job of advocating for your product or service's value than a piece of purely fact-based marketing content ever could.

7) GoPro: "Fireman Saves Kitten"

If you're familiar with GoPro's user-generated content, you probably noticed that this isn't their typical video. GoPro has done a great job of defining their brand as adventurous and extreme -- and the vast majority of the user-generated videos they repurpose and put out on their own channels involves stuff like jumping out of airplanes and surfing giant waves.

But this video of a firefighter saving a kitten from a fire doesn't have any of that. So why did GoPro chose to cut and polish this video for their own marketing? It helps them appeal to a wider audience outside the realm of extreme sports. It's still a unique and inspiring video like many of their others, and the "everyday heroism" theme is intact, but it goes beyond the brand's typical athlete persona.

The Takeaway

Don't be afraid to push the boundaries of your brand's image. Find ways to change the way you exhibit the various themes in your brand's personality, and experiment with different topics and formats that could help you widen your audience.

8) Google Earth: "Homeward Bound"

This emotional account of Saroo Brierley's journey to trace back his original roots after a tragic separation from his family is nothing short of powerful.

By inserting their product into a story of loss, love, and restoration, Google Earth was successful in positioning its capabilities as life-changing -- but it doesn’t feel too showy. The video makes you feel that Google Earth isn't out to make money, but rather, they're out to build a service to improve the lives of their users.

The Takeaway

Again, appeal to emotion. While you don't want to abuse this approach, emotion is an incredibly powerful driver that can influence the way people act and respond to your product or service.

9) Always: "Like a Girl"

Like Dove, Always has been approaching their marketing by combining empowering messages with realistic -- as opposed to idealistic -- portrayals of their target audience. In their "Like a Girl" campaign, the company uses the famous insult to grab your attention -- and then change the conversation about what it means to run, throw, and fight "like a girl."

They've gotten a lot of praise since the campaign began a few years ago and have since won an Emmy, a Cannes Grand Prix award, and the Grand Clio award.

The Takeaway

Marketing that empowers the consumer -- rather than making them feel inadequate -- resonates. Acknowledge those all-too-familiar human emotions like anxiety or self-consciousness, and turn them on their head.

10) American Greetings: "World's Toughest Job"

This video campaign from Mullen and Cardstore by American Greetings is another excellent example of emotion-driven marketing.

Aside from the small quip about getting your mom a card for Mother's Day at the close of the video, the bulk of the content is seemingly free of sales innuendo and product placement. Refreshing, right?

By using a creative, faux interview process to bring to light the impressive day-to-day routines of moms everywhere, it's hard for viewers to walk away from this video not feeling appreciative. (Now go call your mom and tell her you love her!)

The Takeaway

Leverage a plot twist. When the audience can't predict the outcome, they'll be more likely to remain engaged throughout the entirety of your content.

11) Nike Women: "Better For It"

This series by Wieden + Kennedy and Nike Women uses honest humor to shed light on the "inner thoughts" women experience at the gym (though I'm certain there is a male equivalent to these types of situations).

This instinctively human account provides viewers with an opportunity to bond with the brand. This ultimately gives them a leg up on the competition, as a sense of empathy often goes a long way when it comes to influencing a consumer's preferences.

The Takeaway

Add a little humor into your messaging. Though it can be tough to pull off, it can lower the barrier between you and your audience and establish a sense of relatability.

12) BuzzFeed for Purina: "Puppyhood"

Although this video is about a man who adopts and raises a puppy, it's not meant to be inspiring -- it's meant to be entertaining. And entertaining it is: BuzzFeed did a great job writing a script that takes all the classic puppy stories you've heard (puppy chewing on the furniture; puppy keeping you up all night) and turns them into a delightful story of a man and his dog spending time together.

Although it's obvious to today's trained consumer that Purina's Puppy Chow brand is behind the video, the product placement is so subtle that it's not bothersome at all. Video marketers, take note.

The Takeaway

Create stories that show your product or service in the context of an average customer's daily life without making it feel like an ad. That way, the video gets its point across and moves the marketing needle while still delighting viewers.

Now it's your turn.

Video can do wonders to increase content engagement and clickthrough rates -- but we know that actually making videos can be intimidating. Many marketers get paralyzed by the "no time, too hard" fallacy of creating video content.

Case studies are used to help you see how the past projects and scenarios were addressed. Companies face the task of establishing a need and showing how their solution can add value to your business. Videos are increasingly being used to showcase case study helping them to market their offering and reach new audience.

In this article we look at 20 Excellent Case Study Video Examples that are on the spot. Watch these videos to get ideas for marketing your own service or solution using case study videos. Here we go :

KFC Social Media Case Study Video
Category : Food & Restaurant Case Study Example

KFC is the number 1 restaurant brand on social media. This case study is on how KFC managed to get this title, along with increasing the engagement rate 3 times the industry average and being placed among the top 5 fastest growing social media brand in India. One of the best case study video shows how KFC started an objective based brand campaign and its execution.

Sensis Case Study Video
Category : Digital Marketing Case Study Example

Sensis is Australia’s number 1 marketing services company. Its purpose is to engage Australian consumers with business and deliver it through its leading digital consumer businesses, search engine marketing and optimisation services and through its digital advertising agency, found. Sensis is also Australia’s largest print directory publisher. Watch this sales case study on how Interbrand debunks digital marketing for Sensis.

Facebook Case Study Video
Category : Customer Experience Case Study Example

Facebook is an American for-profit corporation and an online social media and social networking service based in California. Facebook may be accessed by a large range of desktops, laptops, tablet computers and smartphones over the Internet and mobile networks. After registering to use the site, users can create a user profile indicating their name, occupation, schools attended and so on. The case study video communicates how Facebook helps people with the strenuous activity, of being connected. Business Case Study Examples help you to get idea for Marketing.

Contour Digital Campaign Case Study Video
Category : Digital Marketing Case Study Example

Coca-Cola is a carbonated soft drink produced by The Coca-Cola Company. The Coca-Cola Company is the world’s largest beverage company, refreshing consumers with more than 500 sparkling and still brands and nearly 3,900 beverage choices. On their 100th anniversary, they wanted to find people creating happiness online and spreading more of it. Watch this case study explainer video to see how Coca-Cola Company managed to do so using social media. Marketing Case Study Examples help you to get idea for Marketing.

HCL Case Study Video
Category : Business Case Study Example

HCL Technologies Limited is an Indian multinational IT services company, headquartered in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India. Offers services including IT consulting, enterprise transformation, remote infrastructure management, engineering and R&D and BPO. The company case study will explain to you how HCL helped a leading Mobile Handset Maker, Nokia with High Operational Cost, Vendor Management and Slow Delivery Models. Marketing Case Study Examples help you to get idea for Marketing.

My Wendy’s Mobile App Case Study Video
Category : Food & Restaurant Case Study Example

Wendy’s is an American international fast food restaurant chain founded by Dave Thomas in Ohio, United States. Wendy’s is one of the largest fast food chain in the world. Consumers went to Wendy’s everyday with calories and health on their minds. So, they took this insight and created My Wendy’s Mobile App. Watch this case study video to learn more about their first ever personalized, nutrition based app made Wendy catapult success. Marketing Case Study Examples help you to get idea for Marketing.

Samsung Case Study Video
Category : Telecom Case Study Example

Samsung is one of the world’s leading mobile phone maker. The company also manufacturers things such as televisions, cameras and electronic components. Even after spending the same amount on media advertising and having a higher market share than its competitors, Samsung surprisingly lagged behind in brand awareness. Watch the case study video, to find out how Kantar Media Division, Cymphony, with their thorough understanding of social media helped Samsung to build brand awareness. Marketing Case Study Examples help you to get idea for Marketing.

Nike Air Jordan Case Study Video
Category : Consumer Good Case Study Example

Air Jordan is a brand of Basketball footwear and athletic clothing produced by Nike and endorsed and created for the then Chicago Bulls basketball player Michael Jordan. The original Air Jordan 1 sneakers were produced for Michael Jordan in 1984. Watch the product case study of this revolutionary sports shoes will enable you to know more about how they improvised their ideologies and their marketing strategies to not only compete with brands but to also indulge the general public in this product. Business Case Study Examples help you to get idea for Marketing.

Rapt Media Case Study Video
Category : Digital Marketing Case Study Example

Rapt Media is a 2011 TechStars company based in Boulder, Colorado. Their cloud-based interactive video platform enables brands and strategic solution providers to transform video content into response-provoking experiences. Their technology offers the ultimate in consumer control which drives deeper engagement, learning and desired behaviors. The Case Study video of this company will enable you to understand their work with Room 214, their research and how they managed to find and pursue high quality leads.

Vodafone Case Study Video
Category : Brand Building Case Study Example

Vodafone Group PLC is a British multinational telecommunications company based in London. It owns and operates networks in 26 countries and has partner networks in over 50 additional countries. Even though Vodafone had quickly grown into a major brand via fast acquisitions, the brand felt unloved. Watch the animated Case Study Video to understand how The Pioneer helped Vodafone in creating an original Brand Personality and help the staff in embracing it through the Archetype Board Game. Business Case Study Examples help you to get idea for Marketing.

Cognizant Consulting Case Study Video
Category : Business Case Study Example

Cognizant is an American multinational corporation that provides digital, technology, consulting and operations services. It is headquartered in Teaneck, New Jersey, United States. Watch the corporate case study to understand the client’s need in wanting to identify potential cost savings and performance improvements in it’s data center operations, in addition to improving flexibility and agility in order to support a business diversification strategy. Business Case Study Examples help you to get idea for Marketing.

Collaboration Management Case Study Video
Category : Business Case Study Example

Energy Power Resources (EPR) provides electricity directly to national grid, which is enough power to supply 185,000 homes. But, with 200 users either mobile or working spread across 5 locations and 1 IT support, they needed to find a more robust email system. Now, this Collaboration Management Case Study video will tell you how Richo provided EPR with a detailed technology and cost analysis of several options. Business Case Study Examples help you to get idea for Marketing.

NeedScope Ziera Case Study Video
Category : Apparel & Fashion Case Study Example

Ziera is a shoe brand based out of New Zealand. The brand offers uncompromised style, quality and comfort in every shoe. But before all this, they met with a problem. NeedScope revealed that Ziera had failed to utilize the brand’s emotional potential. Needscope identified the problems and explained that Ziera made women feel powerful, elegant and lively. Watch the branding case study to know more on how NeedScope helped Ziera be more emotive as a brand and promise women a real cinderella moment.

Ford Case Study Video
Category : Automobile Case Study Example

The Ford Motor Company is an American Multinational automaker headquartered in Detroit, United States. They sell automobiles and commercial vehicles. Ford started a National ad campaign called the Ford EcoBoost Challenge which designed to encourage test drives among people and in return they would get 50 Dollars. Ford wanted to use digital media for reliable metrics but there were challenges. Watch the brand case study to find out how Flash Point Communications turned one automotive brand’s unstructured ad campaign into qualified, in-market test-drives with PinPoint Social Technology on Facebook.

Jack & Jones Digital Case Study Video
Category : Apparel & Fashion Case Study Example

Jack & Jones Clothing produces jeanswear that celebrates moments in time. Quality clothing inspired by iconic twentieth century menswear, with a focus on details and authenticity. They started an ad campaign namely The Disruptive Campaign. Watch the animated Case Study video about the Disruptive Campaign and how WatConsult helped them create a space in the minds of the young consumers.

Qantas Points Quest Case Study Video
Category : Aviation Case Study Example

Qantas is Australia’s largest domestic and international airline and is widely regarded as the world’s leading long distance airline. The Qantas Group’s main business is the transportation of customers using two complementary airline brands – Qantas and Jetstar. They launched a new website, Qantas Points, through which the members can get Qantas points and redeem rewards. Watch the Case Study video to understand how the loyalty programme became a major hit.

The Times Case Study Video
Category : Media & Broadcast Case Study Example

The Times is a british daily national newspaper based in London and its sister newspaper, The Sunday Times, is the largest selling british national newspaper in the quality press market category. The ever evolving technology allowed the people to access news brand content wherever and whenever. But the question was, how many people were accessing their content and in which platform. Watch the Case Study video to know how The Times Newspaper Ltd. along with Pwc’s Multi Platform Audience Measurement Methodology could measure their audiences more accurately.

Co-op Insurance Case Study Video
Category : Financial Case Study Example

Co-op insurance is a general insurance company based in Manchester, England. A lot of people wonder why their car insurance costs as much as they do, even if their cars are not worth a lot. Co-op Insurance found out all the things the car insurance is about. Watch the Insurance case study video done by Co-op Insurance as they provide transparency about the cost of car insurance.

Wigdahl Electric Case Study Video
Category : Business Case Study Example

Wigdahl Electric Company provides Electric contracting services. The Company offers designing and installing services. Wigdahl Electric is a pioneer in designing, installing and maintaining in-building wireless and distributed antenna systems. Watch the case study marketing video on how Wigdahl Electric Company worked in team to rebuild and install AT&T’s DAS system in the newly renovated Wrigley Field.

Avid Case Study Video
Category : Business Case Study Example

Avid Technology is an American technology and multimedia company based in Burlington, Massachusetts. It specializes in audio and video, specifically, digital non-linear editing (NLE) systems, management and distribution services. Avid products are now used in the television and video industry to create television shows, feature films and commercials. The small business case study explains Avid as the biggest shake-up in the non-linear editing system.

The Doctors Company
Category : Medical Case Study Examples

The Doctors Company constantly monitors emerging trends and quickly responds with innovative solutions. The video presents an overview of the cybersecurity threats facing healthcare organizations and what they can do to mitigate their risk. Medical Case Study Examples help you to get idea for Marketing.


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Key takeaways from the above Animated Motion Graphics Video examples are :

  • Build a strong creative brief
  • Find a reference video or combine multiple video elements from different sources
  • Work with a company that can understand your video production requirement easily

With the above Animated Motion Graphics video examples, it’s evident that companies are fast integrating videos in their marketing campaigns and various other touchpoints. If you are planning to develop these motion graphics videos, a good start is to develop a brief of what can be the tone and style for your videos. We advise you to be different and unique while you create your messaging through the videos.

We at Advids create custom videos based on your brief. With a complete video production services plan at a fixed price, our design team works right from concept development, to art design and animation. Having created 1200 plus explainers for businesses, our Creative team can help you come up with the right fit. Do talk to us or send us a note on what your company plans to create with for the next video requirement.

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