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Essay On Samundar Ke Kinare Song

Hemlata (born 16 August 1954 in Hyderabad, India) has been one of the most famous and successful leading playback singers in Bollywood[1] since the late 1970s. She is classically trained and has a unique style of singing which makes her stand apart from other playback singers of her era. She had established herself on her unique exquisite voice quality that she delivered in various Indian Films, Concerts, T.V. Serials, Music Albums and gave many unforgettable songs like Ankhiyon Ke Jharokhon Se,[2]Le To Aaye Ho Hame Sapno Ke, Tu Is Tarah Se Meri Zindagi Mein, Kaun Disha Leke Chala Re. Her magnificent velvety voice rich in emotion and expression has reached to millions of music lovers, touching their souls as she has recorded more than 5000 songs and has sung in more than 38 Regional, National and International languages including Bengali, Bhojpuri, Punjabi, Haryanvi, Rajasthani, Marwari, Brij Bhasha, Gujarati, Marathi, Sindhi, Oriya, Assamese, Malayalam, Kannada, Konkani, Dogri, Multani, Saraiki, Garhwali, Bundeli, Nepali, Arabic, Persian, Urdu, Sanskrit, Prakrit, English, French, Mauritian Creole, Spanish, Italian, Zulu, Dutch, Hindi, etc.

She was nominated for Filmfare Best Female Playback Award five times in the period of 1977–1981 and won once for Chitchor in 1977 for her classical rendition of "Tu Jo Mere Sur Mein" which was duet with Dr. K. J. Yesudas, composed by Ravindra Jain.

In her career, she worked with various renowned music composers, Including S. D. Burman, Madan Mohan, N. Dutta, Salil Chowdhury, Chitragupta, Khayyam, Laxmikant-Pyarelal, Kalyanji-Anandji, Raj Kamal, majority with Usha Khanna and Ravindra Jain.

She has sung with most of the leading male and female playback singers of her times like Manna Dey, Talat Mahmood, Mukesh, Mohammad Rafi, Kishore Kumar, Mahendra Kapoor, K. J. Yesudas, Suresh Wadkar, Shailendra Singh, Jaspal Singh, Shabbir Kumar, Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhosle, Chandrani Mukherjee, Alka Yagnik, Anuradha Paudwal, Kavita Krishnamurthy and several others.

She became the screen voice of some of the famous Bollywood actresses like Nutan, Shabana Azmi, Rekha, Hema Malini, Rameshwari, Yogita Bali, Ranjeeta, Sarika, Madhuri Dixit.

Early life and background[edit]

Hemlata was born on 16 August, in Hyderabad, India. Her maiden name being 'Lata Bhatt'. Her childhood passed in Calcutta. Hemlata has been in the Bollywood Industry since the age of 13 years. Hemlata came from an orthodox Marwari Brahmin family.[3] Her grandfather late Zorawar Bhatt, belonged to a village Sehla of District Churu in Rajasthan. He was the guru and spiritual master of Maharaja of that region. Later he settled at Kolkata for the purpose of business.

Her father late Pandit Jaichand Bhatt, who became an Internationally acclaimed singer, performer, musician and teacher in the field of classical & folk music. She learned music against the family traditions. He regarded as a sole representative of illustrious Kirana Gharana of Lahore and himself a disciple of Ustad Abdul Wahid Khan. Among the many well-known disciples of Pt. Jaichand Bhatt were Pt. Budhaditya Mukherjee (of Bengal), A. L. Chatterjee (Serampore), Gopal Mallick (Calcutta based music director), Ravindra Jain (most notable music director).

Hemlata loved singing since childhood but her father did not encourage her as he did not want to let Hemlata enter the field of music. He was steeped in orthodox culture and was totally against her learning music. Because of her father's opposition she did not express her feeling to learn singing. She sang in hiding in Pooja Pandals, but it was destined that she would become a singer.

It was around the time Hemlata was seven, Gopal Mallick, disciple of her father, used to be on the organising committees of several big concerts and conferences who recognised her singing talent and gave her an opportunity to perform live before large audience for very big musical concert organised by him at Rabindra Stadium of Calcutta where all-time greatest singers like Lata Mangeshkar, Usha Mangeshkar, Kishore Kumar, Mohammad Rafi, Subir Sen, Hemant Kumar, Sandhya Mukherjee, Aarti Mukherjee were to perform. She had espacially invited his Guru Pt. Jaichand Bhatt by persuading him to attend the concert as she wished that Guruji also know the hidden talent of his daughter. Mohammad Rafi, Kishore Kumar and Hemant Kumar all regaled the audience with their numbers. Lata Mangeshkar was to arrive late. Gopal Mallik took the opportunity and introduced little Lata as a 'Baby Lata' on stage. Maestro V. Balsara was conducting the orchestra. They asked her what she was going to sing. "Jago Mohan Pyare", she said. They refused to play it as Lataji herself was going to sing it. However, with hesitation they finally agreed to accompany her. “As she sang the first word Jago in a prolonged aalap the whole audience roared in appreciation. She finished the song but couldn’t leave the stage as the audience demanded 'once more'. And she had to sing the song four times and the appreciation didn’t stop at that—they kept on requesting more songs, she sang 12 other songs including 'Saat Bhaai Champa Jaago Re', in Bengali. Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy announced Gold Medal for 'Baby Lata'.

After that her father also agreed and realised that he had no right to choke the talent of Hemlata and decided to bring her to Bombay.

In between, before her family left for Bombay that Ravindra Jain, came to Kolkata for higher education in music, who used to regularly visit their home to learn music from his Guru Pt. Jaichand Bhatt, Hemlata was just 12 at that time, after taking lesson, he played his own compositions in Bengali on the harmonium and little Hemlata used to sing them. Hemlata's mother Ambica Bhatt also encouraged her.


Early career[edit]

It was in late 1966, that her family came to Bombay, where they resided at Girgaon in southern Bombay, India. While in Bombay they visited Ustad Alla Rakha khan, under his lots of moral support, her family shifted to residence in Mahim, Bombay. Next, they visited Ustad Rais Khan, from whom she learned Ghazal singing.

Next, her father brought her to met producer-director P. L. Santoshi, with introduction letter from his Jabalpur's friend Barrister V. D. Bhargava. Santoshiji offered to give her a break in one of his forthcoming films.

Next, a rank newcomer, Hemlata received invitation from the music director Naushad Ali, who asked her to sing and was very impressed by hearing her voice that she was singing a non-filmic composition, then impressed Naushad Ali, who had promised Hemlata that he would give her an opportunity to sing in his films but advised her to wait till her voice matured, then Hemlata signed five-year contract with Naushad Ali. She began her formal training of playback singing under Naushad Ali. On those days, Hemlata was in news as she was introduced by Naushad Ali, in the world of playback singing. For the reason of that, she got several offers from other well known music directors. In consequence of contract limitation she declined them and, waited long for her career's first song but, that moment could not happened. Then some of her well-wishers advised her that if she continued contract till the end then, after five years when she came back to the industry, nobody would help her as she already discouraged all and she might not to be get any chance of singing. After this advice, she discontinued the contract and started working with other music directors.[clarification needed]

On very first day, she received invitation from music director Roshan through whom she did her first ever concert Roshan Night at the Shanmukhananda Hall, Bombay, India, in 1967. In which her performance was highly appreciated by wide range of audience and all the Bollywood celebrities who were present in the concert including C. Ramchandra, Madan Mohan, Laxmikant-Pyarelal, Kalyanji-Anandji, Manna Dey, Mohammad Rafi and several others.

In the same week, she recorded her first ever song "Tu Khamosh Main Purjosh" under composition of Usha Khanna for movie Roop Rupaiya coincidentally, the director of this movie was P. L. Santoshiji one of the most respected person to whom she met and received the offer of singing when she came to Bombay. On the same day, she also recorded Le Chal Mere Jeevan Saathi under composition of Kalyanji-Anandji for movie Vishwas, she sang this song along with her most favourite singer Mukesh. However, her first released song was Dus Paise Mein Raam Le Lo from the movie Ek Phool Ek Bhool (1968) again it was the composition of Usha Khanna.

At the age of 14, she got an opportunity to record one Ghazals EP under the auspice of music director Khayyam. From thereon, she sang many songs including Pagh Mein Ghunghroo Chhanke composed by S. D. Burman for movie Jyoti (1969), Dil Karne Laga Hai Pyar along with Mohammad Rafi composed by Usha Khanna for movie Nateeja (1969), Chanda Ko Dhoodhne Sabhi Taare Nikal Pade along with Asha Bhosle and Usha Mangeshkar composed by Laxmikant-Pyarelal for movie Jeene Ki Raah (1969), Aaya Re Khilone Wala along with Mohammad Rafi composed by Laxmikant-Pyarelal for movie Bachpan (1970), Aisa Banoonga Actor Main Yaro composed by Kalyanji-Anandji for movie Ghar Ghar Ki Kahani (1970), Soyi Ja Tara composed by Laxmikant-Pyarelal for movie Mastana (1970), Taare Kitne Neel Gagan Pe along with Mohammad Rafi composed by Laxmikant-Pyarelal for movie Aap Aaye Bahar Aayee (1971), Mehboob Ki Mehndi Hathon Mein along with Lata Mangeshkar composed by Laxmikant-Pyarelal for movie Mehboob Ki Mehndi (1971).

During the late 1970s, she toured India's border posts, entertaining soldiers with Sunil Dutt's and Nargis Dutt's Ajanta Arts Cultural Troupe.

In 1970, Polydor, the German-based music company, that entering the market, to competing it, HMV issued the first-ever cover versions in Hindi film music history with parallel to the Polydor's original soundtracks of movies The Train, Mera Gaon Mera Desh, Sachaa Jhutha, Johny Mera Naam, Ek Nazar, Ek Bar Mooskura Do and Jawani Diwani in voices of Hemlata, Amber Kumar and their ilk.

Leading career[edit]

In the early 1970s, Ravindra Jain came to Bombay to try his luck. Before arrival of Ravindra Jain she already sang more or less 100/150 songs. Initially, Ravindra Jain used her voice for his debut movie "Kanch Aur Heera (1972)" then for "Rakh Aur Chingari (1974)", "Geet Gata Chal (1975)", "Salaakhen (1975)" and for "Tapasya (1975)", which not have blazed the charts. However, Hemlata gained recognisation when Ravindra Jain gave her a break for movie Fakira (1976) for song 'Sun Ke Teri Pukar'. Populality of this song proved to be a turning point in her career. Her career hit the big league while in the same year, Ravindra Jain used her voice for Rajshri Banner's movie 'Chitchor' which fetched her coveted Filmfare Award. Thereafter, Hemlata had established herself on her unique voice quality that she delivered in various movies of Rajshri Productions in the 1980s and 1990s, including Paheli (1977), Dulhan Wohi Jo Piya Man Bhaye (1977), Ankhiyon Ke Jharokhon Se (1978), Sunayana (1979), Naiyya (1979), Gopal Krishna (1979), Raadha Aur Seeta (1979), Maan Abhiman (1980), Nadiya Ke Paar (1982), Abodh (1984), and Babul (1986).

In association with Ravindra Jain, she had worked on many other songs. Among them is "Ankhiyon Ke Jharokhon Se". According to the Binaca Geet Mala (a radio show that used to compile records of album sales), it became the number one song in the year 1978. Hemlata was also nominated for Filmfare award for the best female playback singer for this song. It has received millions of views on YouTube.[4] Hemlata sang on Jain's cassette album Sahaj Dhara (1991) dedicated to Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, and sang songs from this album in two concerts in Brussels, Belgium in July 1992.[5][6]

She is the only Indian playback singer who has recorded maximum number of Hindi songs with living legend Dr. K. J. Yesudas.

In the 1990s, Doordarshan had invited her to perform 'Tista Nadi Si Tu Chanchala'[7] along with K. J. Yesudas and 'Saath Jo Tera Yun Paya' for herself under the composition of Ravindra Jain which both songs were frequently broadcast on Doordarshan as a "filler" in between programmes, especially in the evenings.

Apart from Ravindra Jain camps, she sang some awesome songs for various music composers includes : "Koi Humein Basale Apne Dilon Jigar Mein", "Hum Unki Aarzoo Mein Kuch Aise Kho Gaye Hain" from Noor-E-Elahi (1976) composed by Babloo Dhiraj, "Wafa Jo Na Ki To Jafa Bhi Na Kije" from Muqaddar Ka Sikandar (1978) composed by Kalyanji-Anandji, "Bheega Bheega Mausam Aaya" from Bhayanak (1979) composed by Usha Khanna, "Tu Is Tarah Se Meri Zindagi Mein Saamil Hai" from Aap To Aise Na The (1980) composed by Usha Khanna, "Bhari Barsat Mein Dil Jalaya", "Ab Wafa Ka Naam Na Le Koi" from Oh Bewafa (1980), composed by Vedpal Verma, "Chhodke Sharafat Bandh Liye Ghungroo" from Haqdaar (1981) composed by Kalyanji-Anandji, "Tujhako Furasat Se Vidhaata Ne Racha" from Aarohi (1982) along with Mukesh composed by Anand Sagar Kiran, "Ghungaru Bandhe Jab See Maine", "Man Vinha Ke Swar Jab Gunjhe" from Kaise Kaise Log (1983) composed by Padamshree, "Mere Shareek-E-Safar Ab Tera Khuda Hafiz" for movie 'Wali-E-Azam (1985) along with Talat Mehmood composed by Chitragupt, "Mujhko Raahon Pe Tum Chhodkar" from Besahaara (1986) composed by Usha Khanna, "Shor Hai Gali Gali Mein Jawan Ho Gayi" from Dozakh (1987) composed by Ganesh Sharma, "Main Ho Gayee Deewani" from Kasam Suhaag Ki (1989) composed by Laxmikant-Pyarelal, "Meri Khushi Ko Loota Nazar Se Ghira Diya" from Rajoo Dada (1992) composed by Usha Khanna.

Performing career and albums[edit]

In collaboration with Ravindra Jain, she has widely sung for most movies based on Indian scriptures and many notable devotional albums such as Mastakabhishek (1982), as well as Jai Bahubali, Sahaja Dhara dedicated to Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, and Aqeeda, and has also rendered the Ramayan Chaupaiyan, Kabir Doha, Sanskrit Bhaktamar Stotra, Sunder Kand and various devotional songs.

In addition to this, She has lent her voice for Ramanand Sagar's epics T.V. Serial Ramayan (She also appeared herself in one episode to perform traditional Meera Bhajan Payoji Maine Ram Ratan Dhan Payo),[8] as well as Uttar Ramayan (Luv Kush) and Shri Krishna throughout the series. She also rendered the Italian song O Sole Mio in concert in Italy during Easter 1992.[9]

She had also done some original creative and innovative research work in 14 different basic folksongs of India in their original and dialect form.

She has also given live concerts all over the world. She accompanied many live concerts with legendary artists like Mohammad Rafi and Mahendra Kapoor.

In recent years she had been doing a lot of charity shows, in India and abroad. She had performed along with Ataullah Khan for a charity show in London in aid of Imran Khan's cancer hospital. This was the first effort from an Indian singer for Pakistan. On a trip to London, Hemlata recorded two albums with Ataullah Khan. The first one titled, Sarhadein and the second one, Atta and Hemlata which has ghazals and geets. Then, she also recorded one pop album titled Ishq which featuring a fusion of Hindi and Punjabi folk. Regarding these three albums, only Sarhadein was released by Tips.[10] The other two albums have not been released.

All about the same time, when she happened to sing the song Sanwal Sanwal from Hero Hindustani. Hemlata claimed that Ataullah Khan and she gave this song to Anu Malik. “It is a folk song which had recorded in London and it is a rage there." But here, when the rights were sold to T-Series, the company dubbed her song in someone else's voice.

She was the only Indian film playback singer who has started a musical academy in a country like America and her Academy is promoting spreading and broadcasting the typical Indian classical and folk music as well as Gurmat Sangeet from Hollywood Los Angeles to the entire world.

She was the only one Bollywood singer, who has been selected by the world community of Sikhs and the government of Punjab as well as the Holy Akal Takht to perform Gurmat Sangeet live composed in original Ragas for the celebration of 300 years of Sikh Khalsa Panth[11] at Shri Anandpur Sahib Akal Takht on 13 April 1999. Kini Tera Ant Na Paya was the only one album of Sikh Sangeet which was especially in her voice and inaugurated by the honourable Chief Minister of Punjab Shri Prakash Singh Badal and attended and blessed by honourable Prime Minister of India Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee.

In November 2010,[12] she was in news for filing FIR against the mother in law of Sonali Bendre for cheating Hemlata in a case of selling a bungalow in Lokhandwala, for Rs.25 million.

Personal life[edit]

As her father was a renowned Hindustani classical Khayal singer she got an opportunity to meet Ustad Amir Khan, Ustad Allah Rakha and Pandit Bhimsen Joshi. She is related to the accomplished classical vocalist Pandit Jasraj as who is the uncle of her cousins, Jatin Pandit, Lalit Pandit, Sulakshana Pandit and Vijeta Pandit. Hemlata has three brothers Vinod Bhatt, Gopal Bhatt and Rishabh Bhatt. She married with actor Yogesh Bali who worked as a child artist, his performance was appreciated for award-winning movie Jawab Aayega (1968). He died on 25 January 1988. Her mother-in-law Haridarshan Kaur (Biba Bali), actress Geeta Bali's (Shammi Kapoor's wife) elder sister who worked as a producer in partnership with Guru Dutt. This partnership produced several films like Baaz, Suhag Raat, Raag Rang. Her sister-in-law Yogita Bali who also became a famous actress.

Hemlata only has one son named Aditya Bali, like other star children whose passion is also acting and ready to face the cameras.

Awards and nominations[edit]



YearSong nameFilm nameCo-singerMusic directorLyricistLang
2015"Maa Mujhe Aane De"Beti Bachao Beti PadhaoSoloHemant MehtaHemant MehtaHindi
2008"Hey Ganga Maai Hum Hain Tohaar Parchhai", "Kaga Bole Kaon Kaon"Gaon Ki GangaSoloC. L. JohnAjeet YadavBhojpuri
1991"Nidharma Larkayera Saptarangi Tiko"Bijaya ParajayaSoloSambhujeet BaskotaDinesh AdhikariNepali
"Fagun Bhar Baba Laage Devarva"Rang BarseShabbir KumarBhushan DuaTraditionalBhojpuri
2002"Tumhara Pyar Bhulaoon To", "Jeevan Main Aisey", "Toba Ye Naz Aur Ye Addayen", "Mujhe Dard Deke"Sarhadein (Album)Attaullah Khan Essa KhailwiAttaullah Khan, Afzal Ajiz, Sabbir Ali-
"Pyar Ki Galiyan"Sarhadein (Album)SoloAttaullah Khan, Afzal Ajiz, Sabbir Ali-


YearSong nameFilm nameCo-singerMusic directorLyricistLang
2000"Man Saari Umar"Ganga Kare InsaafSoloRavindra JainRavindra JainBhojpuri
1999"Shono Chandannagare"Tomay Pabo BoleBappi LahiriBappi LahiriPulak BandopadhyayBengali
1997"Munhwa Se Kaise Bataai Ho", "Roop Mora Chaani Badan Mora Sona", "Baat Kahiyo Na Kahiyo Jaroor Hoi", "Jaane Kahaan Bindiya Hera GailiNehiya Lagvani Saiyan SeSoloSurender KohliArjun Pathak, Vedehi Sharan Sharma, Anjaan, Vedehi Sharan SharmaBhojpuri
"Dekho Ji"Mohabbat Kya HaiVinod RathodRajan BawaRajan BawaHindi
"Bigadi Ke Banane Mein"Shaan-e-khwaja – 2SoloMami BhachuAnwar FarrukhabadiUrdu
1995"Shyam Baba"Kalyug Ke AvtaarMohammad AzizRavindra JainRavindra JainHindi
"Saj Ke Aayi"Parbatiya Banal Panditayain Bitiya BhailUsha MangeshkarChitraguptaAnjaanBhojpuri
"Jekhanete Jaai Ami 1"Bhagya DebataAbhijeetMadhu BurmanPulak BandopadhyayBengali
"Jekhanete Jaai Ami 2"Bhagya DebataSoloMadhu BurmanPulak BandopadhyayBengali
"E Raat Jeno Kichhu Balte Chay"Bhagya DebataUdit NarayanMadhu BurmanPulak BandopadhyayBengali
"Rimjhim Rimjhim"Tera Dukh Mera DukhSuresh WadkarRajan-ArvindRajanHindi
"Itni Khushiyaan Jaaneman"Tera Dukh Mera DukhVinod RathodRajan-ArvindRajanHindi
"Tera Dukh Mera Dukh (female)"Tera Dukh Mera DukhSoloRajan-ArvindRajanHindi
1994"Main Teri Yashoda Maiya", "Tu Neh Ka Nata Tod Chala"Beta Ho To AisaSoloRavindra JainRavindra JainHindi
"Jitani Door Nayan Se Sapna"KokhSoloRavindra JainRavindra JainHindi
1993"Sun Re Sajjan", "Hai Main Hairat Mein Pad Gayi"Kaal BhairavK. J. YesudasRavindra JainRavindra JainHindi
"Main Hun Misri Ki Rani"Jaan Pe KhelkarSuresh Wadkar, Mohammad AzizRavindra JainRavindra JainHindi
"Mera Wada Hua"Jaan Pe KhelkarSuresh WadkarRavindra JainRavindra JainHindi
"Chod Desh Chali"GouriSoloJugal Kishore-Tilak RajKusum JoshiRajasthani
"Savan Aayo Re"GouriJayshri ShivramJugal Kishore – Tilak RajKusum JoshiRajasthani
1992"Aey Sanam Ye Bataa"Rajoo DadaSuresh WadkarUsha KhannaSajan DehlviHindi
"Aaj Hum Aapke Makaan Main Hain"Rajoo DadaManhar UdhasUsha KhannaAsad BhopaliHindi
"Meri Khushi Ko Loota Nazar Se Ghira Diya"Rajoo DadaSoloUsha KhannaSajan DehlviHindi
1991"Haath Ki Safai Ka"Princess From KathmanduSuresh WadkarRavindra JainRavindra JainHindi
"Sakhi Re Main To"Pyar Ka SawanAnup JalotaRavindra JainRavindra JainHindi
"Neele Neele Neel Gagan"Prem DaanVivek SharmaRavindra JainRavindra JainHindi
"Maine Bhi Peeli Hai Tum Ne Bhi"Khooni RaatSoloUsha KhannaHindi


YearSong nameFilm nameCo-singerMusic directorLyricistLang
1990"Ek Baat Karni Hai"Lohe Ke HaathVinod RathodUsha KhannaAnjaanHindi
"O Beqarar Dil Thahar – 1, – 2"ShadyantraSoloRavindra JainRavindra JainHindi
"Holi Aai Holi Mastanon Ki Toli"ShadyantraSuresh Wadkar & ChorusRavindra JainRavindra JainHindi
"Happy Birthday Pyare Chintu"ShadyantraSuresh Wadkar, Jaspal SinghRavindra JainRavindra JainHindi
"Sab Ka Masheeha"VidrohiMohammad AzizRavindra JainRavindra JainHindi
"Kab Aankh Ladai Kab Kudi Patai"KarnamaShabbir Kumar, Sushil Kumar & Dilraj KaurRavindra JainRavindra JainHindi
"Umariya Kaise Chhupayegi"KarnamaShabbir Kumar, Sushil Kumar, Abhijeet & Dilraj KaurRavindra JainRavindra JainHindi
"Kaisi Manzil Hai Yeh Kaisi Bebasi Ka Saamana"VanchitSoloRavindra JainRavindra JainHindi
"Hum Tumhein Tum Humein Mil Gaye", " Izaazat Ho To Hale Dil Sunaye "VanchitSuresh WadkarRavindra JainRavindra JainHindi
"Teri Ankhon Ne Jane Kya Jadoo Kiya Main Khich Ke Chala Aaya"HatyareSuresh WadkarRavindra JainRavindra JainHindi
"Aashiq Hai Tu Mera"HatyareSoloRavindra JainRavindra JainHindi
1989"Dikhlayenge Ab Khel Madari Dikhlayenge"NishanebaazKavita KrishnamurthyRavindra JainRavindra JainHindi
"Dilbar Janam"JailkhanaKavita KrishnamurthyRavindra JainRavindra JainHindi
"Kahe Ghungroo Ki"JailkhanaSoloRavindra JainRavindra JainHindi
"Tune Wo Haseena"Aurat Aur PattharDilraj KaurUsha KhannaIndeevarHindi
"Main Ho Gayee Deewani"Kasam Suhaag KiSoloLaxmikant-PyarelalAnand BakshiHindi
"Wahan Tu Hai, Yahan Main Hoon"Sachai Ki TaqatAmit Kumar & Johny WhiskyLaxmikant-PyarelalAnand BakshiHindi
"Ek Raja Ek Rani", "Kahan Raja Kahan Raj Kunwari"Jung BaazMahendra Kapoor & Nitin MukeshRavindra JainRavindra JainHindi
"Aali Aali Yeh Machchhiwaali Aali", "Mast Aankhon Se Pee Le Mast Aankhon Se Pee Le", "Pyas Bujha Le Tu Dile Beqarar Ki"Jawani Ke GunahSoloS. ChakrabortyKhalidHindi
"Soch Ke Humse Aankh Milana"GhabrahatKavita KrishnamurthyRavindra JainRavindra JainHindi
"Mein Teri Thi Tu Mera Tha"Mahara Pihar SansaraSoloRavindra JainRavindra JainHariyanavi
"Mere Peechae Peechae", "Pandit Ji Dekho Haath"Mahara Pihar SansaraSuresh WadkarRavindra JainRavindra JainHariyanavi
1988"Hori Aayee Hori"Mati Balidan KiChandrani Mukherjee, Jaspal Singh & Sushil KumarRavindra JainRavindra JainHindi
"Nav Yauvana", "Hari Hari Bolo"Chintamani SurdasAnup JalotaRavindra JainRavindra JainHindi
"Saiyya Bedardi Reejhe Kisi Hoor Pe"Chintamani SurdasDilraj KaurRavindra JainRavindra JainHindi
"Saturday Ki Raat Ko"Mr. XSoloRavindra JainRavindra JainHindi
"Parda Gazhab Dhaye Parda"Mr. XMahendra Kapoor & Sushil KumarRavindra JainRavindra JainHindi
"Hey Narayana – 1", "Ujiara Bhor Ka"Kariye KshamaSoloRavindra JainRavindra JainHindi
"Na Koi Akbaar"Kariye KshamaK. J. YesudasRavindra JainRavindra JainHindi
"Maar Gai Re"Kariye KshamaJaspal SinghRavindra JainRavindra JainHindi
"Rani Kahen Ki Gudiya"Paap Ko Jalaa Kar Raakh Kar DoongaMohammad AzizRavindra JainRavindra JainHindi
1987"Shor Hai Gali Gali Mein Jawan Ho Gayi"DozakhSoloGanesh SharmaMohinder DehlviHindi
"Kisi Chor Ne Churali"Dharti Ki KasamSoloUsha KhannaIndeevarHindi
"Ek Saal Biraha Ganwa Ke Sajanwa"Aage Moad HaiSoloRaghunath SethHindi
"Bhaiya Mere Pyare Pyare Bhaiya"Kachchi KaliShabbir KumarUsha KhannaYogesh GaudHindi
"Shola Hai Dil Mein"Tera Karam Mera DharamOmiSonik OmiOmkar SharmaHindi
"Ganpati Bappa Moryya"Marte Dam TakSuresh Wadkar, Mahendra Kapoor & Shabbir KumarRavindra JainRavindra JainHindi
1986"Tere Prem Mein", "Oonchi Atari Palang Bichhaya"BabulAnupama DeshpandeRavindra JainRavindra JainHindi
"Main Hoon Teri Son Chiraiya", "Teri Khushi Hai Meri Khushi"BabulK. J. YesudasRavindra JainRavindra JainHindi
"Are Loot Gayee"Veer BhimsenSoloGaurang VyasKavi PradeepHindi
"Jai Jai Mata Rani", "Maa Tu Meri Baat"Durgaa MaaSoloRavindra JainRavindra JainHindi
"Kal Na Thi Itni Haseen"Durgaa MaaJaspal SinghRavindra JainRavindra JainHindi
"Kale Kale Kajal Ki Tarah"Pati Paisa Aur PyarBhupinder SinghVijay Batalvi-Hindi
"Nasheela Mausam Bole"Ehsaan Aap KaDilraj KaurRavindra JainYogesh GaudHindi
"Mujhko Raahon Pe Tum Chhodkar"BesahaaraSoloUsha KhannaGauhar KanpuriHindi
"Shaam-E-Gham ki Kasam"Zinda laashSoloRavindra JainRavindra JainHindi
"Tere Mere Pyaar Ki Kundali"NasihatKishore KumarKalyanji-AnandjiAnjaanHindi
"Pandra Baris Ke Hamri Umariya"Tulsi Sohe Hamar AangnaDilraj KaurChitragupta_Bhojpuri
"Oie Oie Nee"Sajjan ThugMinoo PurshottamRavi_Punjabi
"Kismat Apni Khul Gayi"Love 86Anuradha PaudwalLaxmikant-PyarelalSameerHindi
"Meri Oonchi Nahi Deewar"Ghar SansarAlka YagnikRajesh RoshanIndeevarHindi
"Ram Ji Ki Jai Bolo"NishchayAnup JalotaRavindra JainRavindra JainHindi
"Aa To Gaye Hain Tere Sangh"NishchaySushil KumarRavindra JainRavindra JainHindi
1985"Kaise Kaise Gyani Ye Sachh Keh Gaye"Insan Aur InsaanManna DeyPandit HemrajTajdar TaajHindi
"Yaad Ahti Rahi Shakla Bholi Teri"Lallu RamSuresh WadkarRavindra JainRavindra JainHindi
"Mere Shareek-E-Safar Ab Tera Khuda Hafiz"Wali-E-AzamTalat MahmoodChitraguptaAhmed WasiHindi
"Aarti Kare Jo Durga Ki", "Maiyaji Aa Gayi Aangana", "Bhaiya Duj Suhawani", "Yunhi Aankhen BandKarke"NavratriSoloRavindra JainRavindra JainHindi
"Tu Nata Hai Jeevan Ka"NavratriSuresh WadkarRavindra JainRavindra JainHindi
"Hamein Pahechanja"NavratriKanchan & Sushil KumarRavindra JainRavindra JainHindi
"Jo Main Kahoon Ghungroo Se"Sej Piya KiRavindra JainRavindra JainRavindra JainHindi
"Jiya Se Na Nikli Kasak Jiya Ki", "Main Dafli Bajaon"Sej Piya KiSushil KumarRavindra JainRavindra JainHindi
"Rudra Kali Bhadra Kali Jai Kali"Mujhe Kasam HaiSoloRavindra JainRavindra JainHindi
"Kal Tak Main Janti Thi Koi Ajnabi Ho Tum"Mujhe Kasam HaiSuresh WadkarRavindra JainRavindra JainHindi
"Jane Kya Hone Laga Hai Mujhko", "Har Ladki Dil Mein Pyar Chhupa Hota Hai", "Dil Aur Jigar Dono Mein Ghar Kar Gai Beimaan"Tum Par Hum QurbanShabbir KumarRavindra JainRavindra JainHindi
"Jane Kya Hai Tujh Mein Aaisa", "Janam Janam Ka Tum Sang Nata Hai Hamar"TulsiJaspal SinghRavindra JainRavindra JainHindi
"Chitchor Teri Bansuriya", "More Jijaji Jag Mein Sab Se Nirale"TulsiSoloRavindra JainRavindra JainHindi
"Ban Ja Ban Ja Re Hamaro Saajhedar"Piya MilanRatnesh SinghRavindra JainRavindra JainHindi
"Ban Ja Ban Ja Re Hamaro Saajhedar", "Gaon Mein Apni Preet Ke Bairi Hai Sab Log", "Hoga Re Piya Milan Hamara"Piya MilanJaspal SinghRavindra JainRavindra JainHindi
"Gora Mukhada Gulabi Chunariya"Piya MilanDilraj Kaur & Ratnesh SinghRavindra JainRavindra JainHindi
"Anchra Ki Laaj Ganga Maiya Tohre Hath Ba", "Jari Jaat Jangra Tohaar More Birna"Anchra Ki LaajSolo__Bhojpuri
1984"Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani"AmmaSushma Shreshtha, Anand Kumar C & Viraj UpadhyayRaj KamalIndeevarHindi
"Tere Hi Khwabon Mein"DhokebaazK. J. YesudasRavindra JainRavindra JainHindi
"Yadukul Raghav", "Yeh Jeevan Beete Lete Huve Tera Naam"SasuralSoloRavindra JainRavindra JainHindi
"Na Jane Kab Kaise"SasuralKishore KumarRavindra JainRavindra JainHindi
"Chahe Koi Hath Jode"SasuralAarti MukherjeeRavindra JainRavindra JainHindi
"Chandra Bhaal Shobhitam", "Ghani Ghani Amraiyo −1, −2", "Ghir Aaye Megh Parbat Se"AbodhSoloRavindra JainRavindra JainHindi
"Mandir Ki Murati Si"AbodhSuresh WadkarRavindra JainRavindra JainHindi
"Ghunghru Baje"Rakta BandhanSoloUsha KhannaIndeevarHindi
"Paan Beeda Chabaoon"Papi SansarSoloMadan ChanderMehboob SarwarHindi
"Ham Jis Pe Marte The"Purana MandirSoloAjit SinghIndeevarHindi
"Dhaka Chiki Dhaka Maza Aane Laga"Zakhmi SherAlka YagnikLaxmikant-PyarelalSantosh AnandHindi
"Tum Jo Hamare Liye Gaate Rahe"GrahasthiManna Dey, K. J. Yesudas, Mahendra Kapoor & Lata GhoshRavindra JainRavindra JainHindi
1983"Tuni Tuni Kathaa Lage Bhari Mitha"Jheeati Sita PariPranab PatnaikShantanu MohapatraShibabrata DasOriya
"Chagala Pabana Chagala Chagali"AbhilashaSoloSaroj PatnaikOriya
"Yeh Bismillah Ki Barkat Hai"Bismillah Ki BarkatSoloIqbal QureshiAnwar FarrukhabadiHindi
"Ghungaru Bandhe Jab See Maine"Kaise Kaise LogSoloPadamshreeSajan DehlviHindi
"Man Vinha Ke Swar Jab Gunjhe"Kaise Kaise LogSoloPadamshreeSajan DehlviHindi
"Ab Kahe Laagal Manva Hamaar", "Rupaya Paisa Sab Kuch Bhail"SenurSoloRavindra JainBhojpuri
1982"Tujhako Furasat Se Vidhaata Ne Racha"AarohiMukeshAnand Sagar KiranBharat VyasHindi
"Gol Gol Hai Duniya"RustomAlka YagnikKalyanji-AnandjiIndeevarHindi
"Tere Pyar Ke Raj Mahal Se"Raj MahalAsha BhosleKalyanji-AnandjiVerma MalikHindi
"Aake Jaiyyo Na, Aake Jaiyyo Na Pyare Atariyaa Se, Paani Le Jaao Gori Gagariyaa Se"Pyara DostSoloUsha KhannaNida FazliHindi
"Kaun Rok Sakta Hai Humein Ab Pyar Karne Se"Panchwin ManzilNitin MukeshUsha Khanna-Hindi
"Do Hi Din Hai Baras Mein", "Shivji Ke Chelon Bhang Thodi Si Lelo"BhagyaKishore KumarRavindra JainRavindra JainHindi
"Main Hoon Prem Diwani Tere Sapno Ki Rani"BhagyaSoloRavindra JainRavindra JainHindi
"Mujhe De Do Raseele Hont"MeharbaaniMohammad RafiRavindra JainRavindra JainHindi
"Jani O Jani"MeharbaaniSoloRavindra JainRavindra JainHindi
"Kya Kahna Kya Kahna"MeharbaaniMahendra KapoorRavindra JainRavindra JainHindi
"Om Namah Shivay Om Namah Shivay", "Gunje Gunje Re Gokul Dhaam"Akhand SowbhagyavatiRaj KamalRaj KamalPandit Narendra SharmaHindi
"Shankar Ke Sheesh Par Ganga"Akhand SowbhagyavatiSoloRaj KamalPandit Narendra SharmaHindi
"Goro Rang Bhayo Jeeko", "Ram Dhaniya O Raja Ram Dhaniya"Brij BhoomiSoloRavindra JainRavindra JainBraj Bhasha dialect (Hindi)
"Sabne Desh Ka Naam Liya"RajputMahendra Kapoor & Manhar UdhasLaxmikant-PyarelalAnand BakshiHindi
"Hum Bhi Yahan"TaaqatKishore Kumar & Anuradha PaudwalLaxmikant-PyarelalAnand BakshiHindi
"Saat Saheliyan Khadi Khadi"VidhaataPadmini Kolhapure, Kanchan, Kishore Kumar, Alka Yagnik, Anuradha Paudwal, Sadhana Sargam, Shivangi KolhapureKalyanji-AnandjiAnand BakshiHindi
"Hey Ganga Maiya Ganga Maiya Bhar De Acharwa Hamar", "Solah Baras Mein", "Tohri Pooja Mein"Ganga Maiya Bhar De Acharwa HamarSoloRavindra JainS. BhaskarBhojpuri
"Gori Tori Rupowa"Ganga Maiya Bhar De Acharwa HamarSuresh WadkarRavindra JainS. BhaskarBhojpuri
"Babua O Babua", "Jab Tak Pure Na Ho Phere Saat"Nadiya Ke PaarSoloRavindra JainRavindra JainHindi
"Kaun Disha Mein Leke Chala"Nadiya Ke PaarJaspal SinghRavindra JainRavindra JainHindi
"Gunja Re Chandan"Nadiya Ke PaarSuresh WadkarRavindra JainRavindra JainHindi
"Jogi Ji Dheere Dheere"Nadiya Ke PaarChandrani Mukherjee, Jaspal Singh & Sushil KumarRavindra JainRavindra JainHindi
1981"Kaise Nibhegi Apni Preet Re Gopala", "Adharon Mein Kuch Rahe Gayi"Parakh (Unreleased)SoloRavindra JainRavindra JainHindi
"Hone Laga Hai Mujhe Aap Ka Nasha", " Main Bhi Yehi Sochoon"Parakh (Unreleased)Kishore KumarRavindra JainRavindra JainHindi
"Karishma Ye Kya Ho Gaya"Kahani Ek Chor Ki

А ведь еще вчера она думала, что потеряла его навсегда. - Дэвид, - вздохнула она, заметив на тумбочке его записку.  - Скажи мне, что такое без воска.

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