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Texas Fort Worth Mission President Assignments

By Rodger Dean Duncan

These are the fall colors we get at our home in Missouri. 

Not so much in Central Texas. We love both places.

In Central Texas, there don't seem to be seasons. There are temporary "spells," and they don't necessarily coincide with our expectations for a particular time of year.

For example, last Christmas Eve here in Waco it was warm enough to require air conditioning to cool our apartment.

We especially miss autumn. At home in Missouri, the autumn colors have exploded in their full glory. In Waco, only a few trees are turning orange even in mid November.

Because we were married in October, we have many fond memories of autumn. We've observed our anniversary in beautiful overseas places like Prague and Florence, and we've celebrated in less exotic venues like a hospital cafeteria (our first grandson was born 13 years ago on our 35th anniversary).

One year Rean and I decided to take a spontaneous October trip to honor our anniversary. We love the magnificent colors of autumn in New England. So we flew to New York, rented a car, and headed north through Connecticut and Massachusetts.

As we entered a little village in southern Massachusetts we noticed a small sign at the side of the road. It read simply: “Please drive carefully. We have no children to spare.”

At first, we chuckled. What a friendly safety reminder, we thought. Then it occurred to us that – though likely inadvertent – that message was pure gospel doctrine: Our Heavenly Father has no children to spare. He wants us all to return home safely to him.

Our Father and our Savior have given us a glorious Plan of Salvation. It’s a simple Plan. Nothing complicated. No tricks or convoluted requirements. The purpose of the Plan is to enable us – Heavenly Father’s children – to make wise choices that help us navigate through the crooks and turns of mortality.

Today, our GPS devices are on the dashboard of our car and on the screens of our smartphones. But the very first GPS we used years ago seemed to have a personality all its own. When we made a wrong turn, it would “talk” to us in a tone that seemed a bit impatient or even condescending. It would say, with apparently exasperation, “recalculating.” If we made another wrong turn, it would again say "recalculating." Eventually, we always found our way to our safe destination.

With the Holy Ghost, each of us can have the ultimate GPS. The Holy Ghost has his own way of urging us to “recalculate” our position and direction. But his guidance is never impatient, never condescending.

The church organization itself is the ideal environment for our spiritual growth and development. The Savior’s restored church provides the heaven-ordained support for the human family. And because it isthe Savior’s restored church, it’s organized exactly as originally established by the Savior himself.

This makes for interesting conversation with people from other faith communities. Not long ago we hosted a dinner party for a Baptist minister and his wife. Our friend expressed interest in how The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints "works." He was especially intrigued that the Church has no professional clergy. He struggled to understand how an LDS bishop, for example, would devote 30 or more hours a week to his ecclesiastical duties and receive zero monetary compensation. I explained that we don't campaign for position. We don’t submit our resumés for selection by some hiring committee. As covenant-keepers, we simply make ourselves available to serve in whatever capacities the Lord invites us. We do it gladly because it's all about covenants, not about jobs. As leaders in the Church, we are deputized to help develop the faith and spiritual capacity of others among Heavenly Father’s precious children. That stewardship, I explained, implies both an awe-inspiring trust from the Lord and a humbling partnership with the Lord.

And we do our best to lead and serve with special care. Why? Because our Father has no children to spare.

My Favorite iPhone Playlist

Sometimes when I'm exercising, taking a 20-minute power nap, or even when driving, I like to play music stored on my iPhone. My go-to playlist is a series of hymns.

At the top of the list is "I Love the Lord." My favorite version is the BYU Mens Chorus from the April 2007 Priesthood Session of General Conference. This wonderful rendition, sung to the tune of "Be Still My Soul," is an arrangement by Ronald Staheli with John Tanner's paraphrase of 2 Nephi 4 as lyrics.

Click here to see and hear the 2007 performance. Then follow the wonderful lyrics, below.

I love the Lord, in Him my soul delights.

Upon His word, I ponder day and night.

He’s heard my cry, brought visions to my sleep,

And kept me safe o’er deserts and the deep.

He’s filled my heart with His consuming love,

And borne me high on wings of His great dove.

Yet oft I groan, "O wretched man am I"
My flesh is weak and I’m encompassed by
A world of sin, which holds me in it’s thrall,
If I give in and to temptations fall.
Then strength grows slack, I waste in sorrow’s vale;
My peace destroyed, my enemies prevail.

The Lord my God, who is my rock and stay
To keep me strict upon His straight, plain way.
Oh let me shake at the first sight of sin
And thus escape my foes without and in.
Awake, my soul! No longer droop in sin.
Rejoice, my heart! And let me praise again.

I love the Lord, in Him my soul delights.

Church Announces Mission Presidents and New Missions for 2016

Contributed By the Church News

The Church has announced 168 new mission president assignments, effective July 2016. The names of the new and returning mission presidents are listed below.

The Church has also announced the creation of three new missions:

The Democratic Republic of the Congo Mbuji-Mayi Mission will be created from a division of the Democratic Republic of the Congo Kinshasa and Democratic Republic of the Congo Lubumbashi Missions.

The Nigeria Owerri Mission will be created from a division of the Nigeria Port Harcourt Mission. The new missions will become effective on July 1.

The Vietnam Hanoi Mission will be created from a division of the Cambodia Phnom Penh Mission during the first half of this year.

MISSION                                   CURRENT PRESIDENT     NEW PRESIDENT
Angola LuandaDanny L. MerrillDenelson Silva
Botswana/NamibiaMerrill A. WilsonDunstan G. B. T. Chadambuka
Democratic Republic of the Congo LubumbashiF. Brent ThomasLarry D. Shumard
Democratic Republic of the Congo Mbuji-MayiNew MissionAlfred Kyungu
Kenya NairobiGary C. HickenS. Ephraim Msane
South Africa DurbanJohn A. ZackrisonTo be announced
Uganda KampalaRobert F. ChatfieldStephen H. Collings
Zambia LusakaLeif J. EricksonInoke F. Kupu
MISSION                                   CURRENT PRESIDENT     NEW PRESIDENT
Cote d'Ivoire Abidjan WestMarcel GueïDavid Hamand
Ghana Accra WestNorman C. HillRobert H. Simpson
Nigeria Benin CityAkingbade A. OjoAlexander A. Odume
Nigeria EnuguFreebody A. MensahFrancis O. Nmeribe
Nigeria LagosRichard K. AhadjieCornelius O. Tay
Nigeria OwerriNew MissionSolomon Ijoma Aliche
MISSION                                   CURRENT PRESIDENT     NEW PRESIDENT
India BangaloreDavid M. BerrettFred M. Mortensen
Indonesia JakartaChristopher L. DonaldPaul S. Rowley
Mongolia UlaanbaatarJoseph P. BensonJeffrey C. Harper
Taiwan TaichungKurt L. BlickenstaffMichael John U. Teh
Vietnam HanoiNew MissionLewis Hassell
MISSION                                   CURRENT PRESIDENT     NEW PRESIDENT
Japan Tokyo SouthTakashi WadaJ Paul Warnick
Korea DaejeonYong-In S. ShinJohn L. Madsen
Korea Seoul SouthMarshall R. MorriseRoger W. Turner
MISSION                                   CURRENT PRESIDENT     NEW PRESIDENT
Brazil CuritibaAnderson M. MonteiroDouglas K. Hart
Brazil Curitiba SouthLeonel R. FernandesB. Corey Cuvelier
Brazil Fortaleza EastCarlos FuscoRicardo C. Leite
Brazil GoiâniaDavid KucekiFrancisco Bührer
Brazil João PessoaIzaias P. NogueiraXavier Dias
Brazil Juiz de ForaLuciano CascardiFábio Lacerda
Brazil LondrinaC. Alberto GenaroLuiz Pereira
Brazil NatalSaulo SoaresEliseu Colleoni
Brazil PiracicabaKennedy F. CanutoHoward K. Bangerter
Brazil Ribeirão PretoMauro T. BrumPeter S. Scholz
Brazil Santa MariaAdalton P. ParrelaMarcelo Louza
Brazil SantosCelso B. CabralCarlos S. Obata
Brazil São Paulo WestJosé Luiz Del GuersoThomas W. Thomas
MISSION                                   CURRENT PRESIDENT     NEW PRESIDENT
Jamaica KingstonKevin G. BrownScott C. Pearson
MISSION                                   CURRENT PRESIDENT     NEW PRESIDENT
El Salvador San Salvador West/BelizeKai D. HintzeEric M. Adams
Guatemala CobánJohn F. CurtissCarlos A. Faundez Maureira
Guatemala RetalhuleuJohnny F. RuizMatthew M. Goodman
Honduras San Pedro Sula EastNorman S. KleinRex T. Carlisle Jr.
Honduras San Pedro Sula WestJames M. DesterDouglas R. Bush
Nicaragua Managua NorthMonsop ColladoSergio A. Poncio Alvarez
Nicaragua Managua SouthBryan G. RussellMark S. Brown
Panamá Panamá CityCurtis CarmackWilliam F. Current
MISSION                                   CURRENT PRESIDENT     NEW PRESIDENT
Czech/SlovakJames W. McConkie IIITo be announced
England LeedsGraham PilkingtonMartin J. Turvey
Italy MilanBruce L. DibbKent J. Allen
Italy RomeMichael WaddoupsMichael D. Pickerd
Poland WarsawSteven C EdgrenMateusz Turek
MISSION                                   CURRENT PRESIDENT     NEW PRESIDENT
Armenia YerevanJ. Steven CarlsonAllen B. Bostrom
Russia MoscowGarry E. BordersJeffrey D. McGhie
Russia SamaraMichael L. SchwabS. Eric Ottesen
Russia YekaterinburgVal J. ChristensenRay M. Beck
MISSION                                   CURRENT PRESIDENT     NEW PRESIDENT
Idaho BoiseJohn WinderRandall D. Bartlett
Idaho NampaStuart B. CannonPaul D. Sorensen
Idaho Twin FallsGlen R. CurtisBrent J. Nelson
MISSION                                   CURRENT PRESIDENT     NEW PRESIDENT
México AguascalientesJuan VillarrealFrancisco J. Hernández Rivero
México CancúnDale B. Kirkham Jr.Miguel A. Reynoso López
México ChihuahuaUlises ChávezJose L. Montoya
México Ciudad JuárezRodolfo DerbezJ. Randall Owen
México Ciudad ObregónMauricio Munive LaraShaun S. Myers
México CuliacánJesús VelezCarlos A. Gabaldón Royval
México MéridaSergio A. GarciaAbel Ruiz Valadez
México México City ChalcoJerald D. CrickmoreFrancisco Zapata Orozco
México México City EastSergio M. AnayaSiegfried A. Naumann
México México City NorthwestBrad H HallDaniel D. De Leon
México México City WestGeorge F. WhiteheadCarl D. Grossen
México Monterrey EastLarry C. BirdMark J. Maucotel
México PachucaAndrew E. EgbertJeff D. Kimball
México QuerétaroJavier MejoradaSteven M. Williamson
México ReynosaAbelardo MoralesJorge Alejandro Regalado Campos
México SaltilloL. Fernando RodriguezKevin S. Cahoon
México VillahermosaIsrael G. MoralesKarl N. Haws
MISSION                                   CURRENT PRESIDENT     NEW PRESIDENT
Canada EdmontonLarry G. ManionGeorge C. Pattison
Colorado Denver SouthJ Blake MurdockKirk D. Gifford
Colorado Fort CollinsKelly W. BrownSean S. McMurray
Illinois ChicagoPaul S. WoodburyEvan G. Bingham
Iowa Des MoinesJohn R. JensenBriant Badger
Kansas WichitaMichael L. BellMitchell Dean McCuistion
Missouri St LouisThomas W. MorganMichael J. Bateman
Wisconsin MilwaukeeRaymond A. CutlerJack Ross Williams
MISSION                                   CURRENT PRESIDENT     NEW PRESIDENT
Canada MontréalVictor P. PatrickRobert L. Phillips
Indiana IndianapolisSteven C. ClevelandDaryl H. Carlson
Michigan DetroitNolan D. GerberLarry Cleveland
New Hampshire ManchesterPhilip M. StokerThomas J. Blair
New York RochesterArthur R. FrancisZachary Evans
Ohio CincinnatiJohn P. PorterM. Tim Welch
Pennsylvania PhiladelphiaT. Gary AndersonChristopher L. Randall
Virginia ChesapeakeAlan J. BakerRandall F. Weed
Virginia RichmondE. Bradley WilsonCorey B. Smith
Washington DC NorthPeter S. CookeStephen C. Johnson
MISSION                                   CURRENT PRESIDENT     NEW PRESIDENT
Oregon SalemMichael R. SamuelianPaul Tateoka
Washington EverettMark BonhamMichael S. Wilding
Washington Federal WayRobert I. EatonSterling A. Rasmussen
Washington KennewickBoyd S. WareDoneal L White
Washington VancouverDerlin TaylorDennis A. McAteer
MISSION                                   CURRENT PRESIDENT     NEW PRESIDENT
Alabama BirminghamRichard D. HanksStanford C. Sainsbury
Florida JacksonvillePaul W. CraigBrent I. Lee
Florida OrlandoMichael J. BerryDavid K. Clark
Florida TallahasseeBradley J. SmithClint W. Smith
Florida TampaMark D. CusickKendall J. Cooper
Georgia MaconBrent T CottleRoger A. Grayson
Tennessee NashvilleKyle R. AndersenJared W. Stone
MISSION                                   CURRENT PRESIDENT     NEW PRESIDENT
Arizona GilbertK. Brett NattressRichard W. Wheeler
Arizona MesaKirk L. JenkinsLonny E. Townsend
Arizona ScottsdaleKarl R. SweeneyMarc B. Robinson
Arizona TempeJames L. TooneSpencer Christensen
Nevada Las Vegas WestMichael B. AhlanderMartin N. Walker
New Mexico AlbuquerqueSteven J. MillerTimothy B. Guffey
Oklahoma Oklahoma CityStewart R. WalkenhorstDarren J. Mansell
Texas Fort WorthRodney A. AmesDarrell G. Whitney
Texas McAllenFernando MaluendaJosé S. Torres Caballero
Texas San AntonioJames E. SlaughterTodd B. Polley
MISSION                                   CURRENT PRESIDENT     NEW PRESIDENT
California BakersfieldJames M. WilsonTim W. Layton
California CarlsbadHal C. KendrickGlen B. Thomas
California IrvineVon D. OrgillSamuel W. Clark Jr.
California Long BeachRyan M. TewBrian P. Patterson
California Los AngelesDavid N WeidmanRobert M. Haynie
California Rancho CucamongaBruce E. HobbsCurtis G. Taylor
California RedlandsDaniel J. Van CottSean R. Dixon
Hawaii HonoluluStephen R. WarnerJames H. Bekker
MISSION                                   CURRENT PRESIDENT     NEW PRESIDENT
Australia BrisbaneLon E. HendersonMark E McSwain
Australia MelbourneCory H. MaxwellPeter G. Vidmar
Marshall Islands MajuroThomas L. WeirJohn F. Larkin
New Zealand HamiltonCharles A. RuddJeffrey D. Cummings
Papua New Guinea LaeMark P. PeteruSitiveni Fehoko
Tonga Nuku'alofaLeitoni M. TupouSione Tuione
MISSION                                   CURRENT PRESIDENT     NEW PRESIDENT
Philippines BaguioAnthony John BalledosDominic B. Bangal
Philippines ButuanPastor B. TorresAvelino Santillan
Philippines Cagayan de OroAlberto C. BulsecoKim S. Antenorcruz
Philippines CauayanGeorge R. RahlfC. Russell Hiatt
Philippines CaviteDouglas C. TyeAaron B. Speirs
Philippines Cebu EastRichard L. TannerRocky Kellett Maughan
Philippines IloiloJaime R. AquinoHermenegildo Cruz
Philippines LegazpiJovencio A. GuanzonDale K. Kotter
Philippines NagaL. Barry ReederTomasito S. Zapanta
Philippines Quezon CityCarlos RevilloDavid J. Koster
MISSION                                   CURRENT PRESIDENT     NEW PRESIDENT
Bolivia La PazJulián A. PalacioEnrique Cabezas Gomez
Bolivia Santa CruzJason A. WillardLuis Rodríguez Serrano
Bolivia Santa Cruz NorthRichard C. ZambranoFabian I. Vallejo
Colombia BarranquillaKent R. SearleJohn J. Gallego Infante
Ecuador Guayaquil SouthMaxsimo C. TorresPablo Moreno Hortua
Ecuador Guayaquil WestJorge DennisRosendo Santos Camargo
Ecuador Quito NorthBrian A. RichardsonBlake P. Murphy
Perú ArequipaRichard ZobristDouglas R. Johnson
Perú CuscoRobert C. HarbertsonHenry Herrera Linares
Perú HuancayoDavid Y. HendersonEdgar Silva Julian
Perú IquitosAlejandro GómezJosé Alfonso Li De La Cruz
Perú Lima NorthJohn R. EricksonMatthew R Godfrey
Perú Lima WestBlake D. ArchibaldColin C. Stauffer
Perú Trujillo NorthD. Kurt MarlerWilliam L. Marble
Venezuela ValenciaGuillermo I. GuardiaRamon Ernesto Sarmiento Arcila
MISSION                                   CURRENT PRESIDENT     NEW PRESIDENT
Argentina Buenos Aires NorthDavid S. AyreRobert T. Smith
Argentina Buenos Aires SouthLarry L ThurgoodAlejandro Calquin Sepulveda
Argentina Comodoro RivadaviaMark F. RogersClaudio Salerno
Argentina CórdobaRubén V. AlliaudPedro Fco. Correa Cardenas
Argentina PosadasLee R. LaPierreWenceslao H. Svec
Chile AntofagastaCraig L. DaltonDavid Ferreira
Chile ConcepciónKent J. ArringtonNelson Catala
Chile RancaguaThomas R. WarneReed J. Harris
Chile Santiago SouthDavid L. CookDouglas J. Gwilliam
Chile Santiago WestJose A. BarreirosChristopher G. Woodward
Paraguay Asunción NorthGarn H. McMullinMichael J. Evans
Uruguay MontevideoStanley E. CookMark D. Eddy
Uruguay Montevideo WestThomas A. SmithRyan K. Olsen
Utah Salt Lake City EastJohn C. EberhardtBrent J. Hillier
Utah Salt Lake City SouthRobert E. ChambersJ. Christopher Lansing
Utah St. GeorgeJohn R. CenterD. Zackary Smith

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