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My Heart Hurts So Bad Poems About Homework

The Burden Of Itys

This English Thames is holier far than Rome,
Those harebells like a sudden flush of sea
Breaking across the woodland, with the foam
Of meadow-sweet and white anemone
To fleck their blue waves,—God is likelier there
Than hidden in that crystal-hearted star the pale monks bear!

Those violet-gleaming butterflies that take
Yon creamy lily for their pavilion
Are monsignores, and where the rushes shake
A lazy pike lies basking in the sun,
His eyes half shut,—he is some mitred old
Bishop in partibus! look at those gaudy scales all green and gold.

The wind the restless prisoner of the trees
Does well for Palaestrina, one would say
The mighty master’s hands were on the keys
Of the Maria organ, which they play
When early on some sapphire Easter morn
In a high litter red as blood or sin the Pope is borne

From his dark House out to the Balcony
Above the bronze gates and the crowded square,
Whose very fountains seem for ecstasy
To toss their silver lances in the air,
And stretching out weak hands to East and West
In vain sends peace to peaceless lands, to restless nations rest.

Is not yon lingering orange after-glow
That stays to vex the moon more fair than all
Rome’s lordliest pageants! strange, a year ago
I knelt before some crimson Cardinal
Who bare the Host across the Esquiline,
And now—those common poppies in the wheat seem twice as fine.

The blue-green beanfields yonder, tremulous
With the last shower, sweeter perfume bring
Through this cool evening than the odorous
Flame-jewelled censers the young deacons swing,
When the grey priest unlocks the curtained shrine,
And makes God’s body from the common fruit of corn and vine.

Poor Fra Giovanni bawling at the mass
Were out of tune now, for a small brown bird
Sings overhead, and through the long cool grass
I see that throbbing throat which once I heard
On starlit hills of flower-starred Arcady,
Once where the white and crescent sand of Salamis meets sea.

Sweet is the swallow twittering on the eaves
At daybreak, when the mower whets his scythe,
And stock-doves murmur, and the milkmaid leaves
Her little lonely bed, and carols blithe
To see the heavy-lowing cattle wait
Stretching their huge and dripping mouths across the farmyard gate.

And sweet the hops upon the Kentish leas,
And sweet the wind that lifts the new-mown hay,
And sweet the fretful swarms of grumbling bees
That round and round the linden blossoms play;
And sweet the heifer breathing in the stall,
And the green bursting figs that hang upon the red-brick wall,

And sweet to hear the cuckoo mock the spring
While the last violet loiters by the well,
And sweet to hear the shepherd Daphnis sing
The song of Linus through a sunny dell
Of warm Arcadia where the corn is gold
And the slight lithe-limbed reapers dance about the wattled fold.

And sweet with young Lycoris to recline
In some Illyrian valley far away,
Where canopied on herbs amaracine
We too might waste the summer-tranced day
Matching our reeds in sportive rivalry,
While far beneath us frets the troubled purple of the sea.

But sweeter far if silver-sandalled foot
Of some long-hidden God should ever tread
The Nuneham meadows, if with reeded flute
Pressed to his lips some Faun might raise his head
By the green water-flags, ah! sweet indeed
To see the heavenly herdsman call his white-fleeced flock to feed.

Then sing to me thou tuneful chorister,
Though what thou sing’st be thine own requiem!
Tell me thy tale thou hapless chronicler
Of thine own tragedies! do not contemn
These unfamiliar haunts, this English field,
For many a lovely coronal our northern isle can yield

Which Grecian meadows know not, many a rose
Which all day long in vales AEolian
A lad might seek in vain for over-grows
Our hedges like a wanton courtesan
Unthrifty of its beauty; lilies too
Ilissos never mirrored star our streams, and cockles blue

Dot the green wheat which, though they are the signs
For swallows going south, would never spread
Their azure tents between the Attic vines;
Even that little weed of ragged red,
Which bids the robin pipe, in Arcady
Would be a trespasser, and many an unsung elegy

Sleeps in the reeds that fringe our winding Thames
Which to awake were sweeter ravishment
Than ever Syrinx wept for; diadems
Of brown bee-studded orchids which were meant
For Cytheraea’s brows are hidden here
Unknown to Cytheraea, and by yonder pasturing steer

There is a tiny yellow daffodil,
The butterfly can see it from afar,
Although one summer evening’s dew could fill
Its little cup twice over ere the star
Had called the lazy shepherd to his fold
And be no prodigal; each leaf is flecked with spotted gold

As if Jove’s gorgeous leman Danae
Hot from his gilded arms had stooped to kiss
The trembling petals, or young Mercury
Low-flying to the dusky ford of Dis
Had with one feather of his pinions
Just brushed them! the slight stem which bears the burden of its suns

Is hardly thicker than the gossamer,
Or poor Arachne’s silver tapestry,—
Men say it bloomed upon the sepulchre
Of One I sometime worshipped, but to me
It seems to bring diviner memories
Of faun-loved Heliconian glades and blue nymph-haunted seas,

Of an untrodden vale at Tempe where
On the clear river’s marge Narcissus lies,
The tangle of the forest in his hair,
The silence of the woodland in his eyes,
Wooing that drifting imagery which is
No sooner kissed than broken; memories of Salmacis

Who is not boy nor girl and yet is both,
Fed by two fires and unsatisfied
Through their excess, each passion being loth
For love’s own sake to leave the other’s side
Yet killing love by staying; memories
Of Oreads peeping through the leaves of silent moonlit trees,

Of lonely Ariadne on the wharf
At Naxos, when she saw the treacherous crew
Far out at sea, and waved her crimson scarf
And called false Theseus back again nor knew
That Dionysos on an amber pard
Was close behind her; memories of what Maeonia’s bard

With sightless eyes beheld, the wall of Troy,
Queen Helen lying in the ivory room,
And at her side an amorous red-lipped boy
Trimming with dainty hand his helmet’s plume,
And far away the moil, the shout, the groan,
As Hector shielded off the spear and Ajax hurled the stone;

Of winged Perseus with his flawless sword
Cleaving the snaky tresses of the witch,
And all those tales imperishably stored
In little Grecian urns, freightage more rich
Than any gaudy galleon of Spain
Bare from the Indies ever! these at least bring back again,

For well I know they are not dead at all,
The ancient Gods of Grecian poesy:
They are asleep, and when they hear thee call
Will wake and think ‘t is very Thessaly,
This Thames the Daulian waters, this cool glade
The yellow-irised mead where once young Itys laughed and played.

If it was thou dear jasmine-cradled bird
Who from the leafy stillness of thy throne
Sang to the wondrous boy, until he heard
The horn of Atalanta faintly blown
Across the Cumnor hills, and wandering
Through Bagley wood at evening found the Attic poets’ spring,—

Ah! tiny sober-suited advocate
That pleadest for the moon against the day!
If thou didst make the shepherd seek his mate
On that sweet questing, when Proserpina
Forgot it was not Sicily and leant
Across the mossy Sandford stile in ravished wonderment,—

Light-winged and bright-eyed miracle of the wood!
If ever thou didst soothe with melody
One of that little clan, that brotherhood
Which loved the morning-star of Tuscany
More than the perfect sun of Raphael
And is immortal, sing to me! for I too love thee well.

Sing on! sing on! let the dull world grow young,
Let elemental things take form again,
And the old shapes of Beauty walk among
The simple garths and open crofts, as when
The son of Leto bare the willow rod,
And the soft sheep and shaggy goats followed the boyish God.

Sing on! sing on! and Bacchus will be here
Astride upon his gorgeous Indian throne,
And over whimpering tigers shake the spear
With yellow ivy crowned and gummy cone,
While at his side the wanton Bassarid
Will throw the lion by the mane and catch the mountain kid!

Sing on! and I will wear the leopard skin,
And steal the mooned wings of Ashtaroth,
Upon whose icy chariot we could win
Cithaeron in an hour ere the froth
Has over-brimmed the wine-vat or the Faun
Ceased from the treading! ay, before the flickering lamp of dawn

Has scared the hooting owlet to its nest,
And warned the bat to close its filmy vans,
Some Maenad girl with vine-leaves on her breast
Will filch their beech-nuts from the sleeping Pans
So softly that the little nested thrush
Will never wake, and then with shrilly laugh and leap will rush

Down the green valley where the fallen dew
Lies thick beneath the elm and count her store,
Till the brown Satyrs in a jolly crew
Trample the loosestrife down along the shore,
And where their horned master sits in state
Bring strawberries and bloomy plums upon a wicker crate!

Sing on! and soon with passion-wearied face
Through the cool leaves Apollo’s lad will come,
The Tyrian prince his bristled boar will chase
Adown the chestnut-copses all a-bloom,
And ivory-limbed, grey-eyed, with look of pride,
After yon velvet-coated deer the virgin maid will ride.

Sing on! and I the dying boy will see
Stain with his purple blood the waxen bell
That overweighs the jacinth, and to me
The wretched Cyprian her woe will tell,
And I will kiss her mouth and streaming eyes,
And lead her to the myrtle-hidden grove where Adon lies!

Cry out aloud on Itys! memory
That foster-brother of remorse and pain
Drops poison in mine ear,—O to be free,
To burn one’s old ships! and to launch again
Into the white-plumed battle of the waves
And fight old Proteus for the spoil of coral-flowered caves!

O for Medea with her poppied spell!
O for the secret of the Colchian shrine!
O for one leaf of that pale asphodel
Which binds the tired brows of Proserpine,
And sheds such wondrous dews at eve that she
Dreams of the fields of Enna, by the far Sicilian sea,

Where oft the golden-girdled bee she chased
From lily to lily on the level mead,
Ere yet her sombre Lord had bid her taste
The deadly fruit of that pomegranate seed,
Ere the black steeds had harried her away
Down to the faint and flowerless land, the sick and sunless day.

O for one midnight and as paramour
The Venus of the little Melian farm!
O that some antique statue for one hour
Might wake to passion, and that I could charm
The Dawn at Florence from its dumb despair,
Mix with those mighty limbs and make that giant breast my lair!

Sing on! sing on!  I would be drunk with life,
Drunk with the trampled vintage of my youth,
I would forget the wearying wasted strife,
The riven veil, the Gorgon eyes of Truth,
The prayerless vigil and the cry for prayer,
The barren gifts, the lifted arms, the dull insensate air!

Sing on! sing on!  O feathered Niobe,
Thou canst make sorrow beautiful, and steal
From joy its sweetest music, not as we
Who by dead voiceless silence strive to heal
Our too untented wounds, and do but keep
Pain barricadoed in our hearts, and murder pillowed sleep.

Sing louder yet, why must I still behold
The wan white face of that deserted Christ,
Whose bleeding hands my hands did once enfold,
Whose smitten lips my lips so oft have kissed,
And now in mute and marble misery
Sits in his lone dishonoured House and weeps, perchance for me?

O Memory cast down thy wreathed shell!
Break thy hoarse lute O sad Melpomene!
O Sorrow, Sorrow keep thy cloistered cell
Nor dim with tears this limpid Castaly!
Cease, Philomel, thou dost the forest wrong
To vex its sylvan quiet with such wild impassioned song!

Cease, cease, or if ‘t is anguish to be dumb
Take from the pastoral thrush her simpler air,
Whose jocund carelessness doth more become
This English woodland than thy keen despair,
Ah! cease and let the north wind bear thy lay
Back to the rocky hills of Thrace, the stormy Daulian bay.

A moment more, the startled leaves had stirred,
Endymion would have passed across the mead
Moonstruck with love, and this still Thames had heard
Pan plash and paddle groping for some reed
To lure from her blue cave that Naiad maid
Who for such piping listens half in joy and half afraid.

A moment more, the waking dove had cooed,
The silver daughter of the silver sea
With the fond gyves of clinging hands had wooed
Her wanton from the chase, and Dryope
Had thrust aside the branches of her oak
To see the lusty gold-haired lad rein in his snorting yoke.

A moment more, the trees had stooped to kiss
Pale Daphne just awakening from the swoon
Of tremulous laurels, lonely Salmacis
Had bared his barren beauty to the moon,
And through the vale with sad voluptuous smile
Antinous had wandered, the red lotus of the Nile

Down leaning from his black and clustering hair,
To shade those slumberous eyelids’ caverned bliss,
Or else on yonder grassy slope with bare
High-tuniced limbs unravished Artemis
Had bade her hounds give tongue, and roused the deer
From his green ambuscade with shrill halloo and pricking spear.

Lie still, lie still, O passionate heart, lie still!
O Melancholy, fold thy raven wing!
O sobbing Dryad, from thy hollow hill
Come not with such despondent answering!
No more thou winged Marsyas complain,
Apollo loveth not to hear such troubled songs of pain!

It was a dream, the glade is tenantless,
No soft Ionian laughter moves the air,
The Thames creeps on in sluggish leadenness,
And from the copse left desolate and bare
Fled is young Bacchus with his revelry,
Yet still from Nuneham wood there comes that thrilling melody

So sad, that one might think a human heart
Brake in each separate note, a quality
Which music sometimes has, being the Art
Which is most nigh to tears and memory;
Poor mourning Philomel, what dost thou fear?
Thy sister doth not haunt these fields, Pandion is not here,

Here is no cruel Lord with murderous blade,
No woven web of bloody heraldries,
But mossy dells for roving comrades made,
Warm valleys where the tired student lies
With half-shut book, and many a winding walk
Where rustic lovers stray at eve in happy simple talk.

The harmless rabbit gambols with its young
Across the trampled towing-path, where late
A troop of laughing boys in jostling throng
Cheered with their noisy cries the racing eight;
The gossamer, with ravelled silver threads,
Works at its little loom, and from the dusky red-eaved sheds

Of the lone Farm a flickering light shines out
Where the swinked shepherd drives his bleating flock
Back to their wattled sheep-cotes, a faint shout
Comes from some Oxford boat at Sandford lock,
And starts the moor-hen from the sedgy rill,
And the dim lengthening shadows flit like swallows up the hill.

The heron passes homeward to the mere,
The blue mist creeps among the shivering trees,
Gold world by world the silent stars appear,
And like a blossom blown before the breeze
A white moon drifts across the shimmering sky,
Mute arbitress of all thy sad, thy rapturous threnody.

She does not heed thee, wherefore should she heed,
She knows Endymion is not far away;
’Tis I, ’tis I, whose soul is as the reed
Which has no message of its own to play,
So pipes another’s bidding, it is I,
Drifting with every wind on the wide sea of misery.

Ah! the brown bird has ceased:  one exquisite trill
About the sombre woodland seems to cling
Dying in music, else the air is still,
So still that one might hear the bat’s small wing
Wander and wheel above the pines, or tell
Each tiny dew-drop dripping from the bluebell’s brimming cell.

And far away across the lengthening wold,
Across the willowy flats and thickets brown,
Magdalen’s tall tower tipped with tremulous gold
Marks the long High Street of the little town,
And warns me to return; I must not wait,
Hark! ’Tis the curfew booming from the bell at Christ Church gate.

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"Without you I'll always be missing pieces of me, I'm only holding on for you,standing here lonely and cold waiting for that...


Death and life Toils and Strife Life isn't handed on a silver platter What does it all matter? People are born just to die...

Love Falls

We stumbled into love in September So, we belong to autumn Therefore our hearts must fall. And after months of sun kissing...

I Am Who I Am

I am the one who everyone calls short I am the one who often needs support   I am the black ballet who dreams My dreams are...


(poems go here) Chirp, chirp", a Chikadee In my window for my young eyes to see. Playing queen between the trees, I fed my...


Outside It seems as if she’s fine Beautifully beautiful in every way shape and form Her smile lights up the world as if god...

The Year We Conquered the Beast

It is now senior year A time filled with Cheer However we still need to be working So do not waste your time twerking   As I...

Longing to Arise

Behind her mask, Is someone whom nobody recognizes. Hidden and disguised, By secrets and lies. Appears mighty and strong,...

Dear Gloria.

The room is covered with dust now, dust composed of all of the hair what degraded away dust composed of all the pills you...

The ones I love are caught

Cancer is a monster, who takes away great souls, The innocence of people, they didn't have control It didn't just break the...

I Choose To Wait

You neglect me Because I won't give in. But I just can't see me Committing such sin. At least not with you, I just can't...

Ambiguous Brush

A brush of his plumps makes thy drown in thought. Savoring sweets off thy flesh though aren't dame. Melting in cold hands...

Losing Focus

Losing focus is easy to do. I could sit here, and testify to you. But instead let's take a turn, and kill these distractions...

Your Infinite Soul

I'm tired of fighting So tired of striving For the possibility of harmony Everything has gone wrong Flipped upside down Must...


Uh, natural.. Someone give me the definition Equals..Dominic and all of his ambition Telling you that manipulation is no...

white snow (not the average)

although i see snow it's time to get the trucks and begin to plow until now snow is always white not the average typical...

Who am I

I am a smart but quiet individual...

My Life

  It's time to take on my responsibilities as a grown man, No longer being dependable so I got to get my own plans. Even...

Take control!

Life allows choices.. You can be productive and impactful. You can do nothing and be ignored. The choice is yours alone....

Do Not Be Afraid

When walking into A shady path remember to Think a positive thought  

Why I Write

The reason I write  Is to Express, Confess, Praise, And Inspire. I write to let out the pain And hope to gain The glory of...

just bring it

"just bring it"- dwayne "the rock" johnson the drive the ambition the determination the aspiration the inspiration the...


A single tear Falling from a face All that is seen is the fear That no one can embrace   Many ask why Why so upset Why cry...

We are good enough

I’m not good enough Comparing myself to others always Look at the negative side Thoughts run through my mind as I walked...

Define Yourself

Define yourself Are you blending into the background Like the kids in the back of class Or are you as bright as The pink...

Guns and Roses

Four years and what do I earn?A lifetime as a corporate slave...

One Job May Change My Life

Id like to create a world with my vision, Soaring through skies and being able to see the sun shine. The waves crashing...

Caught up

My love runs so deep that I even cut myself sometimes    It often runs so fast that I can't even catch up at times    Before...

ONE IN 6… billion

Sky, ocean, sand, land Cloud, pond, fly, hair One in six billion Lost, confused, hopeless Looking for signs But clueless...


Some nights I get on my knees and pray to my savior. Hoping one day this grind will bring a reward. So i can buy my mama the...

Can I Speak

How do you expect me to speak, When every time I try to speak, you Shut Me Down. How do you expect me to speak, When every...

Hashtag no filters needed

I don't believe in filters. I don't believe in coloring in the lines. I don't believe in making apologies for who I am. I do...


Some have asked why I’m restless. I’m always moving, I never stop. When I’m reading, when I’m writing, especially scribbling...

These Walls

I love these walls, They’re colored with the stains of my youth, The smudges of my past, They enveloped us as we explored...

Know in the Class

What is it that makes us        think....... that stirs our thought and makes a boat sink?     We think of very little in...

Just another day

  Write. Read. Solve. Complete. Tick      Tick            Tick till the next class comes my life, my future, my ambitions...

My John

I know one day you'll have to go and that's the day that I will know, that you'll be under heaven's apple tree looking down...

Sandy please turn on the light

Enlighten me with a flicker The darkness so cunning What is really true... Then reality kicks in   Trapped in this palce...

please, no

BAMB! was that the door? I heard my heart thud in my chest. my chest, so shaken up, my throat so hard to swollow. clinching...

My Heartache

(poems go here) My Heartache We were supposed to last forever as sisters, but all you spit out is poison. All you say are...

Slam what you will

Slam what you will but I will accomplish my goals. Ill be more than a statistic, do more than blow trees and smash hoes....


  Staying up every night sleeping in every morning The amazing embrace or rain that come down warm and pouring With it’s...

Shook But Not Broken

The joy in her smile brings warmth to my heart. A pleasure I had forgotten renewed. I only wish she could understand me for...

Ode to the Teacher of Math

Oh Teacher of math,  you need to take a bath;  you have a musky old smell,  that makes you class worse than hell.    Oh...

I Am Imagining

Close your eyes and imagine how I feel. I feel like the clear blue sky, I feel like the confidence girls have while wearing...

Please Change before im gone

What do you want to see changed in your classroom or school?  Teachers that are worthless that don't care that don't help...

Hope Breaks Heartbreak

It seems as though the night has flooded the day. There is little consolation brought about. The anguish corrupts what is...

Where Our Love Goes

As we grow stronger our love tears apart, seeing you with other people tears me apart, the love I have for you is amazing,...

Susan Glenn

She was a perfect being spectacular in every way We knew each other for years, silent of my true feelings Homecoming came...

Another Kind of Normal

  When you’re a child Everything in your world is innocent. The flowers, The other kids in your class, The trees, Your...

up in here

singing chanting dance moving snapping fingers bopping heads raising hands in the air clapping and screaming to banging...

I Sit Here In My Lofty Throne

overlooking the life below. Seeing streetlamps spitting yellow. Watching trails of red and white; heads and tails of...


Let there be Circles Let there be Lines Let there be Colors Let there be Fashion. Let there be Designers Let there be Models...

I Got this Now

I understand that you are supposed to help my learn but that can't happen with you breathing down my neck all the time I get...

Razors, Shotguns and Rope

It's just a scar on her arm,    A canvas few choose to paint.        Just a gun, fully loaded,     Waiting to accept her...



Behind Closed Doors

Think of the experience of looking through someone else's eyes, That of someone disabled, to hear their inner cries. In a...


I think I am invisible, are you invisible too? When I try to speak to people, They haven't got a clue. They look straight...

In Transit

Winter melts my heart   springs   into fall   falling slow   summer   how could i forget  

A Story Of A King

When you have a dream You don’t let it slip between your fingers When some one digs a ditch You don’t fall in it because...

You obviously love me not...

In a field full of dandelions, you grab me and say "love me or love me not", you throw a long stemmed flower at me and...

Teacher Said

Teacher said "Do it for a C" I did it. I wrote the words. The words for a "C" Teacher said "Congrats on your A" I did it. I...

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