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Rutgers University Housing Assignment Msu

"I lived in Brody neighborhood my freshman year. It's home to the largest non-military cafeteria in America so I was never hungry. I'm a senior now and I still hang out with my friends from freshman year. We had so much some fun together! Sometimes, I even miss the dorms."

"You're randomly assigned roommates your freshman year, but after that you can choose your roommate and your dorm. Most people who live on the dorms are underclassmen, but junior and seniors live on too!"

"I lived in Snyder-Phillips during my first two years at MSU and loved every moment of it! It is a smaller dorm complex and has a great cafeteria! The location is a perfect walk to almost everything on campus, and it is home to the Residential College of Arts and Humanities. It's cool that MSU has so many options for living with other students in your major."

"I'm a senior and I've lived on all four years. It's easiest for me because I'm an international student. I live in a single, which means I don't have a roommate so it basically feels like I have an apartment. My room is bigger than some apartments!

"West Circle dorms are really central to campus. Everyone always says they feel like they are in a Harry Potter movie living there because the architecture is very old and it is just really pretty at all times of the year!"

"Most juniors and seniors live off campus. It's popular to own a house at MSU, but there's also plenty of options for apartments or co-ops."

"South Complex is where it's at! It is home of all the MSU athletes and the students that are in James Madison residential college. The dorms are prime location during football season and basketball season!"

"The dorms are definitely small but everyone makes it work! You only have to live there for a year so it's not too bad. I made almost all my friends from the dorms and we've lived in houses together the past three years!" 


After an extensive investigation, the Michigan State University Housing Assignments Office and Culinary Services Team have decided to ban MSU student Jamie Reeves from living on campus after it was discovered that the student has not used her Combo-X-Change after living on campus for over six months.


The student claims that she was unaware of the Combo option of the meal plan, and as a result, never used it. “I guess I just never thought about it. I always wondered why so many people were walking around Brody with a beautiful display of mozzarella sticks, but I just remained oblivious,” Reeves said.


Her actions have caused a lot of students living on campus to feel uncomfortable, and has led to outrage from the community, specifically the students living with her in Brody Neighborhood.


“I could understand not using your combo in some of the neighborhoods without grill options, but in Brody? You’ve been living without chicken tenders this entire time! That is absolutely unacceptable; she needs to be castrated,” said Fiona Jenkins, the Brody Neighborhood student government president.


Other residents of Brody Neighborhood were similarly outraged.


“She can’t be fucking serious. Does she not have friends who allowed her to do this? They should be ashamed. These actions are un-American, they’re not fitting of a true Spartan,” said Brittany Towns, a Brody resident and protester. 


The Housing Office noted these student concerns and decided to take action immediately, banning Reeves from living on campus next year.


“While we are not animals and we want to take as much of our students’ money as we possibly can, she will get to stay on campus for the remainder of this year, but these types of criminal acts cannot go unpunished. She will have to attend mandatory extended Combo-X-Change training to understand the severity of this neglect,” said Zackary Laporte, the director of Housing at MSU.


This training will include a tour of all of the campus Sparty’s locations, in hopes that Reeves will understand the importance of the Combo-X-Change.


“I couldn’t believe what I was not allowing myself access to. I could’ve been stocking an endless supply of shitty macaroni and cheese and ramen. With budgeting, I could’ve been eating these for the next two or three years of my life. I understand now that my actions are inexcusable.” Reeves said while sobbing and eating the Hubbard Hall Sparty’s fries for the first time.


While her actions are being frowned upon by some, others are showing their support of her in these troubled times.


“The lines at Sparty’s are long enough, and that’s one less person in line taking away my ability to use my Everfresh juice as a chaser.” said Julie Greene, while taking shots in the line of the Wonders Sparty’s. “I wish more idiots would follow her lead so I can get wasted faster.” 


While Reeves’s actions are conflicting for some of MSU’s on-campus community, after her year-long ban she has been granted the option to return to campus the following year.


“I plan on coming back. I fucked up harder than Tyler O’Connor during our football season, but I definitely need to redeem myself and come back.”




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