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Embedded System Design Gajski Bibtex Bibliography

Embedded System Design: Modeling, Synthesis and Verification

2009 Book
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· Book
Embedded System Design: Modeling, Synthesis and Verification
Springer Publishing Company, Incorporated ©2009
ISBN:1441905030 9781441905031

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  • 2016
  • [j50]

    Fadi J. Kurdahi, Mohammad Abdullah Al Faruque, Daniel Gajski, Ahmed M. Eltawil:
    A case study to develop a graduate-level degree program in embedded & cyber-physical systems.SIGBED Review14(1): 16-21 (2016)

  • 2015
  • [j49]

    Wenliang He, Daniel Gajski, George Farkas, Mark Warschauer:
    Implementing flexible hybrid instruction in an electrical engineering course: The best of three worlds?Computers & Education81: 59-68 (2015)

  • 2012
  • [j48]

    Jelena Trajkovic, Samar Abdi, Gabriela Nicolescu, Daniel D. Gajski:
    Automated Generation of Custom Processor Core from C Code.J. Electrical and Computer Engineering2012: 862469:1-862469:26 (2012)

  • 2011
  • [j47]

    Samar Abdi, Yonghyun Hwang, Lochi Yu, Gunar Schirner, Daniel D. Gajski:
    Automatic TLM Generation for Early Validation of Multicore Systems.IEEE Design & Test of Computers28(3): 10-19 (2011)

  • 2010
  • [c162]

    Daniel Gajski, Todd M. Austin, Steve Svoboda:
    What input-language is the best choice for high level synthesis (HLS)?DAC2010: 857-858

  • [c161]

    Yonghyun Hwang, Gunar Schirner, Samar Abdi, Daniel D. Gajski:
    Accurate timed RTOS model for transaction level modeling.DATE2010: 1333-1336

  • [c160]

    Ines Viskic, Lochi Yu, Daniel Gajski:
    Design exploration and automatic generation of MPSoC platform TLMs from Kahn Process Network applications.LCTES2010: 77-84

  • [c159]

    Samar Abdi, Yonghyun Hwang, Lochi Yu, Hansu Cho, Ines Viskic, Daniel D. Gajski:
    Embedded system environment: A framework for TLM-based design and prototyping.International Symposium on Rapid System Prototyping2010: 1-7

  • [c158]

    Jelena Trajkovic, Daniel D. Gajski:
    Early performance-cost estimation of application-specific data path pipelining.SASP2010: 107-110

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