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Best Teacher Ever Essay

Essay Best Teacher, Worst Teacher

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Best Teacher, Worst Teacher

Although I have had many different types of teachers, there are two that stick out more than any others. The first was my third and sixth grade teacher. She was the best teacher I ever had. The second was my seventh grade teacher. She was the worst I think a student could have had. Both, these teachers had very different teaching styles and very different out looks on teaching. To be an effective teacher the teacher must respect the student and be willing to go the extra mile to help the students learn all they can. In this paper, I will discuss the effectiveness of these two teachers and how their teaching styles differed.

First of all, what is a good teacher? According…show more content…

I hope that I do not become a teacher like this.

Now that I can see the difference in good and bad teaching I have two teachers in mind that fit each description. The first being my favorite teacher. She was both my third and sixth grade teacher. She showed me that I could be what ever I wanted to be. She made me feel that even though I was not the best student in the class I still could be the best if I gave a little more. She motivated me to do all my work and gave me the extra boost I need to learn. When the students in my class did something right she always praised us. She also played game with us to learn. According to the book it says. ?If the teacher keeps the students involved they will be more likely to like school and learn in school.?

The second type of teacher is and ineffective teacher. This type of teacher does not motivate or enthuse their students to learn. My seventh grade teacher was this type of teacher. She was a cake decorating teacher at the vocational center then became a math teacher overnight. At the begging of class, every day she would stand at the board and say class be quiet class shut up. That's all she would say the whole class and we never got anything done. Then if she would try to teach she would read out of the book and never give examples. If a student would ask a question she would say you?re not dumb you know the answer. The teacher always put the students down. According to

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Many are convinced that what matters most in making schools successful—more than class size or curriculum— is excellent teaching. Do you agree? Who is the best teacher you’ve ever had, and what made him or her so memorable and effective?

Op-Ed columnist Bob Herbert wrote about one successful school in Harlem in a recent column, “Where the Bar Ought to Be.” Here he quotes the school’s principal:

Deborah Kenny talks a lot about passion — the passion for teaching, for reading and for learning. She has it. She wants all of her teachers to have it. Above all, she wants her students to have it[…]

There is an overemphasis on “the program elements,” she said, “things like curriculum and class size and school size and the longer day.” She understood in 2001, when she was planning the first of the schools that have come to be known as the Harlem Village Academies, that none of those program elements were nearly as important as the quality of the teaching in the schools.

“If you had an amazing teacher who was talented and passionate and given the freedom and support to teach well,” she said, “that was just 100 times more important than anything else.”

Students: Tell us about the greatest teacher, or teachers, you ever had, and what made them great. Do you think that this principal is right that other school elements aren’t “nearly as important as the quality of teaching”? Why or why not?

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